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Hundred-Year-Old Phenomenon: Must Be Global Warming!

Nevermind the fact that coastal islands have always ebbed with the tides, taking land and homes alike off into the sea for as long as we've lived on coastal islands. Heck, I can remember reading about it in the encyclopedia way back in the protozoic era (i.e., 1985).

Clearly, for islands to have the audacity to recede in the modern era, there must be a more sinister cause.

Enter: Global Warming. Or, as I like to call it, the "fast track to funding."

Far be it from me to cynically suggest that global warming is causing bank account erosion over at my household, which can only be cured by the fast action of the blind Federal bureaucracy.



#1 William Teach 09-Dec-2008
It's simply amazing the way these people think. It's bad enough that people want cash to protect their home that they built in a place that is known for erosion (we have this all the time for the Outer Banks and other islands off the coast of NC,) but now they want to play the global warming card. Because these storms never happened before.

I remember back in 1991, there was a HUGE nor'eastern, tracked across the country, hit NC, then went up the coast. Near where my parents live in NJ, the storm caused so much erosion that it uncovered cars buried in the early 60's, which were supposed to stop erosion.

Every year they dredge the Manasquan Inlet, where I grew up, because of erosion. On the south side of the inlet the sand goes out to the end. On the north side, where the good surfing is, the sand is worn away from the jetty by several hundred yards. If you take a look at the over head photo of the area, it's nature in motion.
#2 captainfish 09-Dec-2008
Dang boys, don't you know that Global Warming caused the Grand Canyon?

Only idiots think it is erosive processes and movement of land masses.

Tell you how these idiots think. We all know that they believed we were going to have an ice age in the 1970s, right? Well, as a biologist I learned that just a few decades ago, biologist used to use bulldozers to flatten out the creeks and streams to make it easier for salmon and trout to swim up stream. And they would make multiple trips through the season.
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