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Hippies Ruin Another State

First New York, then Massachusetts.

Now it's California?

May the wonders never cease.



#1 captainfish 09-Dec-2008

Haven't they been having budget issues since Reagan left the gov'ner's office?

And thus, they feel that they are deserving of a federal bailout like everyone else.

Heck, if everyone else is getting it, why not. Hell, WHY NOT JUST BUY THE CARS which would keep the workers working.

That way, the government could then REALLY make sure we are driving green cars. Let's go all the way to nationalization. Viva La Socialism!!
#2 stresseater 09-Dec-2008
You say hippie like it's a bad thing. Just because someone CHOOSES not to participate in the dog eat dog world/rat race, it doesn't necessarily make them a detriment to society... does it? Hippies traditionally make due with what they have. We don't ask for bail outs. That seems to be the working stiffs doing that. I personally think NONE of the bail outs should have been given. If they can not compete with business as is then they should close the damn doors or redo their business plans. As far as the need to go green, well smoking green and driving green are two different things. In so far as the article backing up the hippie slur ... well I did see the word joint in the body of the article. LMAO
#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 10-Dec-2008
LOL! Good one, S.E.!
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