The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.


If this were a photograph of an Israeli soldier manhandling a Palestinian woman like this, I can comfortably say that the whole wide world would be on fire right now:

An Israeli police officer detains a Jewish settler during a protest against Israel's plans to remove 13 families from a building in the West Bank city of Hebron December 3, 2008. Hundreds of settlers have come to the Jewish enclave in recent days to protest Israel's plans to remove 13 families from a building in accordance with a high court ruling. Settlers moved into the building in 2007 saying they had purchased it from a Palestinian. Palestinian Faiz Rajabi said the building belongs to him and denies selling it to the settlers. REUTERS/Baz Ratner (WEST BANK)

Who knows? Maybe the IDF's public relations department has finally decided that it's time they become equal-opportunity abusers.

Or, more accurately, that not a single person in the entire world would lift a finger of outrage at abuse of this particular community.

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#1 captainfish 03-Dec-2008
EOZ followed the beginning of that story a few years ago. The palestinians tried to go after the guy who sold JEWS a building in "their" lands. That was almost as bad (to them) as giving a starving jew bread.

Sad state when even the jews are kicking themselves out of their lands. For so long, they have fought against other people throwing the jews out of their lands, and now the Jews themselves are doing it FOR the enemies.

Strange screwed up world.
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