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Another Great Photo of the Year

Reuters Photo News Service says this pic's a winner... but I daresay it's quite boring, and clearly unworthy of being an RPNS IMAGE OF THE YEAR in 2008.

Here's a much better photograph, which has all of the drama and seriousness one would expect from a reputable news organization. Not that the agency in question is actually any of the above.

Anyway, I now pronounce him man... and goat?

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#1 captainfish 04-Dec-2008
and they look so happy together.

I think the goat's expression is one of fear and worry compounded with a sense of dread.

The cow, looks happy and content. Oblivious even. But then, it is a cow. So, therefore, I agree that the cow's expressions knock off a couple of points in the photo's ranking for me as well.
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