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You know, the fact that these children are lugging around huge posters of Syrian dicatator Bashar Assad seems to undermine any notion that they're speaking of their own accord, doesn't it?

On a related note:

I had nothing to do with this totally unprovoked outpouring of love and affection towards Snapped Shot.



#1 DMartyr 05-Dec-2008
So THAT'S how you keep getting those "Rage Boy" exclusives!
#2 upyernoz 05-Dec-2008
actually, parading with posters of assad is semi-mandatory in syria if you want to have a demonstration that isn't ruled illegal. it doesn't necessarily mean the government itself is behind the demonstration. because free speech is so curtailed there, anyone participating in a public display will include the sign to make clear that they're not protesting the syrian regime (which would prompt a crackdown).

incidentally, assad's picture is all over syria, sometimes with his dead father and dead brother as well. when i was in syria, it actually started to be kind of funny. my favorite examples are this one (which practically covered the front windshield of the truck who picked me up when i was hitchhiking):

and then there were the pictures with the weird love theme. like this one:

and this one of assad's father (former president hafiz assad):
#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 05-Dec-2008
Thanks for the behind-the-scenes report, Noz - and for the pics!

I was aware of the Assad family's vast portraiture over there thanks to our intrepid wire services, but wasn't familiar with the cultural usage thereof in your average protest. It's interesting to know - and if nothing else, it illustrates nicely the lack of freedom which your average Syrian must endure.

(Not that I enjoy tearing down the fourth wall here, but in case it wasn't painfully obvious, this was primarily used as an excuse to post a Photoshop that's been sitting on my desktop for the past month. Gotta clean house somehow over here! ;) )

#4 captainfish 05-Dec-2008
Brian, why are you riding on the back of another man?

Yes, you do look good in a blue chambray shirt, but... come on, work isn't that bad is it?
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