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Why the Episcopal Church is Collapsing

Let the following be an object lesson to churchgoers everywhere—A church which does not base its Sunday teachings on God and Scripture is nothing more than a social club, sans the booze:

Recently, Episcopal Church Bishop John Chane of Washington, D.C., delivered a jeremiad against Israel at the largest Episcopal congregation in the nation’s capital (excluding the National Cathedral). The nearly 2,000 word “sermon” almost never cited God, except for a reference to the Trinity in the first line. Otherwise, it read almost like the editorial of a left-wing, secular European newspaper.

Considering how many other social clubs there are out there, is it really any wonder that your parishioners would rather spend their time elsewhere on Sunday?



#1 captainfish 05-Dec-2008
ummmm..... what is a Jeremiad????


And, why is he going to Israel to talk? ohhhh...

[i] Unsurprisingly, his latest blast against Israel has been circulated by Sabeel, a Palestinian advocate of neo-Marxist Liberation Theology.

Evidently, the Palestinians bear no blame for the absence of peace, as Chane’s “sermon” exclusively faulted Israel and its U.S. patron. Democracies, he intoned, uphold the rule of law, respect human rights, and protect the freedom to worship. But Chane’s junket through the Middle East has persuaded him of what he really already long assumed: America’s “trusted democratic ally in the Middle East” is hypocritical in its failure to uphold democratic principles. [/i]


Oncea again we see why the damned conservatives split the church-party. Gotta love it when liberals dig their own holes.

this is obviously a man who has never read the bible and is a firm believer in replacement theology.
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