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BREAKING: Bombing in Pakistan!

I don't know any details yet, but here's the Daylife feed, in case you want to follow along with the latest photos—some of which are graphic, of course.

Update: The city has been hit by a spate of recent bombings. Word has it this is a continuation of the same.

  #War Watch


#1 DMartyr 05-Dec-2008
I'm sure muslims will be out in force to protest and blame India...
#2 DMartyr 05-Dec-2008
The funny thing is, muslims probably showed more outrage about the terrorist lego than they'll express about these muslim terrorists.
#3 captainfish 05-Dec-2008
terrorist lego bombing pakistan.

nothing on fox news website yet.
#4 DMartyr 05-Dec-2008
On the bright side, the buildings just snap together...

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