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Gerry Connolly's Largesse County

One day, our government will rediscover the important lesson that money does not grow on trees:

Fairfax County’s looming budget shortfall has swollen to as much as $648 million, budget staffers said Monday, the starkest outlook so far for county revenues battered by a deepening recession and housing crash.

The fiscal 2010 budget gap, which spans the county government and its school system, is more than $200 million larger than what officials projected six months ago. It also dwarfs the proposed spending cuts agencies have laid out in recent months.

Of course, considering that the voters here in Fairfax County—the population of which tends to be transients moving here from New York and California for a short stay before moving on to Florida's sunnier counties—never fail to vote for spending increases during each and every election we have, is it any wonder that we've gotten our financial affairs into such dire straits?

I'd say it's high time we delete the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and start over, but it would seem that we've already missed the chance.

Ah, the joy of living under Democratic Party dictatorships.


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