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We've Built A World Blind to Race and Color

... except for Senate seats, apparently:

Betcha didn't know that the elected office of Senator of the United States of America was a color coded position? Apparently, Laura Washington of the Chicago Sun-Times thinks it is, anyway, because she is warning that Obama's "black Senate seat" will be lost because of this mess with Governor Rod Blagojevich getting arrested for trying to sell that "black seat" to the highest bidder.

In hers headlined "Black leaders see Senate seat being hijacked," Washington is ostensibly reporting on what black community leaders and politicos in Chicago are saying about who should be appointed to fill Obama's vacant seat. Still, Washington injected quite a lot of her own feelings into the tale of this gnashing of teeth and rending of cloth over the fate of that same seat to the effect that she endorses the idea that Obama's position in the Senate is officially a "black seat" and should stay that way.

One suspects that the Time-to-Denunciation (my ever-trusty measure of "TTD") I would experience upon declaring that Virginia has two "white Senate seats" approaches zero seconds.

But apparently, for a black woman to suggest that a Senate seate is reserved for race is not a racist statement in the least.

Good to know.

You can read the original screed here, if you have the stomach for it.



#1 Peter 17-Dec-2008
A society blind to race and color? More misbegotten idealism.

12.8% of the U.S. is black. Obama was the only black senator. There are no Republican members of Congress who are black.

Wishing someone who's heritage reflects one's own is not the most contemptible of motives.
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 19-Dec-2008

My title was sarcastic in nature. I personally do not think it is within human nature to [i]ever[/i] create a society that utopian, frankly, and enjoy tweaking the Left's notions of that utopia whenever I can.

Regarding your last remark, does that mean you would seriously [i]accept[/i] if a State were to declare that its Senate seats were to only be represented by the majority race? Seems rather bigoted an attitude to me... :)

As always, thank you for your thoughtful remarks!

Respectfully yours,
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