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Useless AP Hacks Cease Bylines in Protest

How much effort could it possibly take to endlessly regurgitate dictatorial propaganda, anyway?

Journalists and photographers at the US news agency the Associated Press (AP) are withholding their bylines to protest management's stance in contract talks, their union said.

"Staffers recognize the tough times, but they also understand that quality journalism at AP means attracting and retaining the best employees," Tony Winton, president of the News Media Guild, said in a statement on Tuesday.

(h/t DMartyr)



#1 Kevin 16-Dec-2008

I'm suing these people for saying that the AP is a 'US news agency'. Even though it's true, it's horribly derogatory, and is a defamation of America.
#2 DMartyr 17-Dec-2008
If the AP thinks their reporting is "quality journalism" and their terrorist-sympathizing stringers are the "best employees," I shudder to think what they consider 'poor journalism' and the 'worst employees':

Perhaps... Snappedshot?

#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 17-Dec-2008
Well shoot, DM—We already know that this dastardly website is synonymous with bad reporting. You didn't have to rub it in!

#4 DMartyr 17-Dec-2008
Lol, compared to the AP, I'm rather proud to be a part of SnappedShot. I may not have the best journalistic ability, but at least I (and you, for that matter)am not a terrorist sympathizer...
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