The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Will the Real (My Boss) Please Stand Up?

I got a most interesting message in my inbox last night, which purported to be from my former boss over at Oracle, who is now over at another consulting firm here in the D.C. Metropolitan area, which I know because I stayed in touch with him.

I'll give the spammers this—To hack a person's Yahoo! account and use it for source material is definitely a novel concept. The only thing left to do would be to actually read their e-mails, and try not to write in a fashion that's so obviously not the victim. Obvious tip-offs in bold:

From: D.N. <[email protected]>
To: (me) <[email protected]>
Subject: ugrent help

Brian ,

Sorry that I have to trouble you in this way, I went to a business trip to London , I did not inform anyone because it was so urgent, so right now am in London , but I lost my brief case to thieves last night on my way to my hotel. I need your help right now, all my cards are in the case but I have reported to the police and have called the card companies to cancel the card.

In need 400pounds to settle all my bills in London , I will pay you back as soon as am back, sorry for the trouble once again. Please send the money by western union money transfer to

N., D.
92 Ann Street ,
London , BT1 3AY

Email is the only way I can communicate with you as i don’t have money to call and I lost my cell phone to the thieves.

Don’t let anyone know about this.

N., D.

Little helpful hint to these rotten excuses for pirates:—In the English-speaking world, nobody signs their name last-name first.



#1 captainfish 10-Dec-2008
AND.... we know how to place sentence structure paying particular attention to plurality and structure.

At least those of us over 30.
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