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Trolling for Traffic

I've noticed a drop-off in traffic to the site over the past week, and the only thing I can think of that might've caused it is this little smackdown. Thusly, in an effort to boost my traffic to previous levels, I shall repost a classic from our friends over at TNOYF:

Straight from the archives up on Mount Kilauea to your screen, I present the real Obama birth certificate.




#1 Avid Editor 10-Dec-2008
It might be that people are reading your site in RSS readers or the fact that you did not condemn Hussien Obama enough. Just some thoughts. Keep up the good work Mr.Ledbetter.
#2 Avid Editor 10-Dec-2008
BTW your blog is one of the highest read anti-jihadi blogs on google reader. Just to let you know.
#3 captainfish 10-Dec-2008
Yes, but he counters that with his own Jihads.

yep, that is probably the exact same certificate the courts looked at and decided was good enough.

Why rely on the ancient, out-dated, hate-filled, racist, and evil-conservative Constitution?
#4 upyernoz 10-Dec-2008
try using more profanity and sexual terms. my hits are inflated by a steady stream of rubber pantie hose fetishists.
#5 William Teach 11-Dec-2008
A photo or 2 of the hot babe of the day works :)
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