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In Which I Complain About Marketing

On the road, I was treated to a radio commercial (during Rush Limbaugh's show, no less) that boasted of the joys of giving "holiday" gifts. Grumble. Then, while browsing the aisles at Home Depot looking for some random parts, I'm greeted with this little nugget of joy:

Perfect for any Hanukkah Tree. (Click to zoom)

Enough is fricking enough. Nearly 99% of this country celebrates Christmas specifically. Whether it's the watered down Christmas-tree-and-Santa-Claus variety, or the more observant religious celebration, America by and large celebrates Christmas. Do we really have to edit the word out of every single advertisement we see, read, and hear around us?

I blame the spineless simps at large marketing firms for this totally unnecessary exercise in diversity, and I am going to make it a point to expose every last instance of this stupidity that I see until Christmas has finally arrived. Feel free to follow along on my adventure over on Flickr, and if you run across any "holiday" stupidity over your way, be sure to send it along.

Let's fight to put the "Christmas" back in the "holiday" season, folks. It's the walk of shame for any marketing firm or corporation that thinks they can edit Christmas out of our lives in silence.



#1 captainfish 11-Dec-2008
#2 Phillip Salzman 11-Dec-2008
Hanukkah bushes are quite popular. We've always had them growing up.

I also like to plug in a splitter before hooking up my incandescent Menorah. It's too much of a pain to not have the other lamps on while that is powered.
#3 Donkeyrock 12-Dec-2008
It's a tough one here... Hannukah being the "Festival of Lights" makes this display quite appropriate for both holidays, and Hannukah occurring on the same week as Christmas this year means concurrent advertising for both is timely, too.

Holiday tree displays: bullshit. Eight-candle holiday candelabra: bullshit. Holiday lighting adapters: okay.
#4 Phillip Salzman 12-Dec-2008
Agreed. Hanukkah bushes traditionally don't have lights on them :)
#5 Donkeyrock 12-Dec-2008
Right, you just light them on fire and they miraculously burn for 8 days and 8 nights. :>
#6 Cletus 14-Dec-2008
I carry a Sharpie with me, and change "Holidays" to "Christmas" when nobody is looking.
#7 Phillip Salzman 14-Dec-2008
Let's not forget the Christmas tree pre-dates Christianity ;-) It originally comes simply as part of a winter festival, well before there were multiple "holiday's" or even Jesus.
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