The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Feedburner Stinks

It looks like Google has switched the Feedburner service over to Google Ads, judging by the fact that my RSS reader is showing a new set of ads in all of the blogs I'm following, such as the ever-timely:

Camstick is totally relevant to the Supreme Court. Especially en français!

Dating services? Check. Lose weight fast? Yup. MORTGAGE RATES GOING DOWN?! ZOMG THT 2 MAN.

You know, y'all should probably be thankful that I am kind enough to offer Snapped Shot up to you absolutely free of charge, because otherwise, you'd have to put up with horrific ads like that in the RSS feed, too.

Hmmm.. On second thought, if I keep getting you mad enough at the blog, maybe you'd stop by and actually visit it once in a while.




#1 Kevin 16-Dec-2008
I'll agree. Feedburner stinks. It only reported this thread to my browser today (written Friday, reported next Tuesday).
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