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Discrimination, Palestinian Style

One wonders if the New York Times will even pretend to bother with this story:

The Christian population of the Gaza Strip is small - 2,000-3,000 people. Gazan politics has long been characterized by a conservative, Islamic bent. Gaza's Christians as a result have tended toward political invisibility.

Since the Hamas coup of July 2007, this position has become increasingly untenable. Islamist organizations, empowered by the indifference of the authorities, have begun to target Christian institutions and individuals in Gaza with increasing impunity. Intimidation, assault and the threat of kidnapping are now part of daily reality for Christians.



#1 captainfish 15-Dec-2008
Brian, as has been pointed out to me, that goes on even in America's inner cities. Even Arabs point to the abuse of gangs in America when they also say that Americans are violent.

I have learned that there is no difference between this violence and the violence by Christians today.

You never know, maybe they asked for it. Maybe they didn't vote for Obama.
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