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Like Detroit, only Smaller!

Iran has apparently put the finishing touches on another one of its Renault clones. Somebody probably ought to tell their marketing department that, due to Mahmoud's little problem, it just might be a good idea to find a better name for the product:

The Saipa Miniator—Perfect for tiny dictators everywhere!

I've rounded up more photos from the festivities beyond the fold, courtesy the dictatorial propaganda agency FARS. I'll be waiting to see if you, the reader can spot exactly which picture it is that's my personal fave.For all of you old-time Snapped Shot readers, does this bring back memories, or what?

Click to start the slideshow.

"Keep on waiting..."

"Yes, keeeeeep waiting...."

"Wait a minute, it looked bigger in pictures."

"Must check tire pressure like Brother Obama says."

"No, is a perfectly sized little car."

"Perhaps I will try it out for size."

"My knees hit dashboard—Is not good."

"Look, ma! No hands!"

Nope, this is clearly not a photo-op.

The words of dictators? Worthless graffiti.

Oh, the irony.



#1 captainfish 16-Dec-2008
my guess is 3rd from bottom.

I guess those few sanctions against Iran are not having any effect whatsoever.

Seems like high time to block gasoline shipments.
#2 Doda McCheesle 17-Dec-2008
Instead of "Look Ma! No Hands!" maybe it could be "I wish I not failing license test so many time!"
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