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Red Meat for Brian, It Is

From my new favorite editorialist, Lou Engle of the D.C. Examiner:

Pull the Plug on Newsweek
By Lou Engle, OpEd Contributor
- 12/22/08

After running a cover story offering an allegedly biblical defense for homosexual marriage, Jon Meacham, Newsweek’s editor-in-chief, labeled the traditional view toward marriage that a majority of Americans hold as “intellectual bankruptcy.”

So, the same magazine that routinely denounces faith is now using the Bible to make an argument in support of a grave sin.

The intellectual dishonesty of these writers and editors is clearly on display in their work and the statements they have made surrounding their work. Thus, we are neither afraid of, nor troubled by their submission to the national conversation on this issue.


As such, we are asking all who desire to stand for truth and righteousness to say, “No!” to Newsweek magazine by canceling their subscriptions. This is a historic opportunity to show Newsweek magazine that its arrogant overconfidence in gauging the opinions of the people is greatly misplaced.

The good news for Lou is that, judging by the latest sales figures, a majority of Americans already find Newsweak less relevant than yesterday's weather report.

Which is why today's going to be an awesome day for me.



#1 captainfish 24-Dec-2008
WOW.. how in the world did the editors allow that through the filters?

Glad to know that not every single person in the media has lost their absolute friggin mind.
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