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AP: Change in Editorial Direction?

It would seem that one of my mortal enemies has discovered that "Korea Central News Agency" only represents North Korea. Previously, the wire service referred to the group simply by name, leaving open to the reader the possibility that KCNS was a reputable news source.

In this photo released on Sunday, December 21, 2008 by the (north) Korean Central News Agency via Korea News Service in Tokyo without mentioning the exact date when it was taken, North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, center left, visits the Huichon Ceramic Factory in North Korea. (AP Photo/Korean Central News Agency via Korea News Service)

The earliest caption I can find that leaves the parenthetical notice there is from 1 December, so it definitely seems like a more recent editorial shift. One wonders why the Associated Press decided to change its presentation all of a sudden?

On the web: Korean Central News Agency, which states explicitly online that it is the, "Official news agency of the DPRK (North Korea) government." Also note that Korea News Service isn't nonpartisan, either, but is rather merely a part of KCNS.

As if the fact that something called the "Korea News Service" has to transmit its news from Japan wasn't obvious enough.


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