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Hamming it Up for the Cameras

An affront to Islam?
It has long been my understanding that in traditional Islam, it is considered haram (forbidden) to parade dead bodies around in front of cameras, and most traditional Muslims consider such actions to be an insult to the deceased.

Of course, being the ever-capable manipulators of the press that Hamas is, it isn't any surprise that this tradition gets violated fairly regularly. And usually, this consists of a spectacle of anti-Israeli and anti-Western shouts parading through the streets, followed by an off-camera burial, followed by more on-camera mourning.

This photograph, filed by Ibraheem Abu Mustafa of Reuters, takes the orchestration to a brand new low by bringing the actual burial to the public. It also, as far as I can tell, is the very first time that the orchestration has been exposed to the photographic corps, with an apparent off-camera helper giving orders to the man posing for the camera.

Will there be any outcry against Hamas, the death lovers (h/t SD), for once again defiling the dead to try and score some international propaganda?

Or will the group be protected, as they always are, by the world's grand double standard of anti-Israeli thought?

Update: Many many deep thanks to Winds of Jihad and EU Referendum for the links.

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#1 Cletus 29-Dec-2008
Seen this, Heard about this?

Cuz if it wasn't for Jihadwatch, I wouldn't have
#2 captainfish 29-Dec-2008
Didn't Hezballah do this during their scrimmage with Israel? Didn't we see mass burials with the corollary of mass wailing by women?
#3 DMartyr 30-Dec-2008
How nice of the father to unwrap his son just in time for the cameraman to take the shot...

The father doesn't look too broken up. I guess he's soothing himself by thinking of his little son enjoying all those virgins in paradise...
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