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Shocking Revelation: College Students Hate Bush!

I know, I know! I was as stunned to find out about this as you are!

Aren't we so fortunate to know that Reuters considers this to be news of the highest value?

On a positive note, I think this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that American university students are no dumber than their international counterparts.

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#1 Mats 17-Dec-2008

Who would have thought that after 2 decades of anti-conservative, anti-christian, anti-creationist indoctrination these sheep-like students would hate the thigns they had been told to hate for so long?

I am shocked. SCHOCKED, I say.
#2 Kevin 17-Dec-2008

The only reason college kids hate Bush is because he attacked peaceful, freedom loving Iraq to steal their oil, or to advance his imperial goals, or just to kill brown skinned people. Something like that. My English professor told me so.

Anyway, does anyone know where I can get some weed?
#3 Mats 17-Dec-2008
Weed?! Forget weed!
Let's join the homos, and damage some mormon churches!
#4 Kevin 17-Dec-2008
Hey, how about we smoke weed while damaging Mormon churches, all the while doing homosexual stuff? Now THAT'S progressive!
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