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Double Shocka: Obamessiah named Person of the Year!

I'm not sure if my heart can stand this constant parade of surprises.

One wonders if having an editor or two officially in the tank for Obama had any impact on this judgement at all. It is comforting to know that TIME Magazine is perhaps one of the most irrelevant publications on the market, second only to News weak.

At least I have an excuse to repost this Snapped Shot classic:

See-also Six Meat Buffet's question-raising prowess.



#1 DMartyr 17-Dec-2008
Sheesh, why don't they just nail him to a cross already. That's where this is heading anyway...

I wonder how many of these idiots will back track when Obama turns out to be a complete and utter failure as president.
#2 upyernoz 17-Dec-2008
is there any serious question that he deserved it? being person of the year doesn't indicate approval, it just indicates the person who time magazine thinks was most influential in the past year. adoph hitler was time's "person of the year" in 1938.

reasonable people may disagree one who that is, but no matter what you think about obama, it's hard to argue that he is a strong contestant.

besides, time magazine tends to make any newly elected president "person of the year" in the year that he's elected. george w. bush was it in 2000, bill clinton was in 1992, reagan in 1980 and carter in 1976 (george HW bush was upstaged by the planet earth in 1988, but they made up for it in 1990). that doesn't mean that time was "in the tank" for every modern president or that it proclaimed bush the messiah in 2000, does it?
#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 17-Dec-2008

How many high-profile TIME editors have exited the magazine to work in Republican administrations, pray tell? ;)

#4 upyernoz 17-Dec-2008
i have no idea. i haven't been keeping track.

but what difference does that make to time's person of the year choice? as i noted, they almost always pick the newly elected president. it would be unusual if they [i]didn't[/i] pick obama this year.
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