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Know what's fun? Futzing with Fateh!

I heard through the grapevine a while ago that the anti-Israeli terror group Fateh had set up its own blogging platform, presumably because their pro-jihadi blogs have a nasty habit of disappearing from more reputable blog services. (Gee: I wonder why?)

When I first saw the announcement, I laughed about it to myself, and made a mental note of it for later use. It wasn't until now that I really started to ponder the kinds of fun one could have with a blogging service hosted by terrorists.

Yeah... needless to say, the possibilities are endless!

Click to visit the site. (I can't promise that it won't give you a virus, so please do so responsibly.)

Let's just see how long this little sliver of entertainment lasts, shall we?

I'm in the process of posting every single image I can think of that would offend the sensibilities of your average terrorist. If you have anything you want to see up there, be sure to send it to me.I messed with the title and lede on this one. Originally:

Taking a Page from the Elder
When I saw the illustrious Elder of Ziyon post about the terrorist group Fateh's new open-blogging system, I chuckled quite a bit. And in the back of my head, I filed away an idea to harass Fateh even more.

Finally, I've gone ahead and done it:



#1 eddiebear 17-Dec-2008
Truth to power indeed!
#2 William Teach 17-Dec-2008

Here's a perfect picture to piss the RoP off:
#3 DMartyr 17-Dec-2008
INFIDELS - BEWARE! Bobblehead Mo's Army just tripled:

And here's a pic of muhammad's outhouse:
#4 Steamboat McGoo 17-Dec-2008
Sent you a pair of 69'ing pigs, Brian! Also, I left a few comments over there under the name Abdul Alhazred.

Don't go to Abdul's website, though. Just look at the link address for the reason ...
#5 Brian C. Ledbetter 17-Dec-2008
You are a [i]naughty[/i] boy, Abdul. Thanks for giving me a chance to dust off a Snapped Shot classic, though!

#6 Steamboat McGoo 17-Dec-2008
Thanks, Brian! I'm spreading the word as fast as I can. I'll mention it over at Aces next.

I did boo-boo on my first comment, though: I thought I was commenting on the three pigs photo - not the "guy" photo. I don't swing that way - even when I'm pretending to be Abdul Alhazred!
#7 Muhamed was a fake 17-Dec-2008
eat shit y'all
#8 Steamboat McGoo 17-Dec-2008
No thanks, MwasaF. Jenny Craig.

But go ahead and tuck in, fella: don't mind me...
#9 Brian C. Ledbetter 17-Dec-2008
I'm actually kinda curious to know why exactly someone from New Jersey would care in the least about a random terrorist group.

Care to share with us, Aisha—er, I mean "Fake Muhamed?"
#10 Steamboat McGoo 18-Dec-2008
Say! Is that "Aisha" - the former "White Rabbit" with alleged psych issues?

Wabbit! Why, I haven't thought about you in ... well, not at all, actually! I've been busy, and have been suffering from a debilitating hangnail.
#11 captainfish 18-Dec-2008
such hatred flowing all over...

makes my heart warm and fuzzy.
#12 cbullitt 24-Dec-2008
Sent this to McGoo after I found it at Demure Thoughts. The perfect Christmas gift for your favorite Jihadi.
Have a cool Yule.
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