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When Phony War Vets Attack

Hateful? Us?
Apparently, the "Reverend" Jim Sutter thinks that Snapped Shot is "hateful" in our criticism of Jim Sutter's Messiah—our Chosen One, the President-Elect whom rides high above above any amount of human criticism.

For a flashback, here's Captainfish's original commentary on the election—which I might add, isn't really all that offensive.

Anyway, that's not important, because when I found out how inflated Sutter's own background is, and the distinguished people in whose company we share, I think we just might wear this as a badge of honor.

Snapped Shot:—Genuinely Hateful, according to Disingenuous Hack.

Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?



#1 Steamboat McGoo 18-Dec-2008
I always wanted to be hateful.

Does it take a lot of math?
#2 upyernoz 18-Dec-2008
actually, i think some people here are pretty hateful. but mostly that's directed at palestinians and, to a lesser degree, other arabs and muslims.

as for obama, i just think you're a little ignorant. the "obama messiah" thing has long been a running joke among obama supporters, mostly for pointing out how clueless the people who use the term are. and your examples (like highlighting time's person of the year choice, when the magazine usually chooses the incoming president as person of the year) just reinforce that sense of cluelessness.

the bottom line is that i'm an obama supporter and have been since the primary. i've been to his rallies, i donated to his campaign, and i even worked for him on election day. i've never met anyone who worships obama, thinks he's the messiah, or believes that he is anything more than a flawed politician who happens to hold positions they agree with more than other flawed politicians. no doubt there are real obama-worshippers out there somewhere, but if so they are very rare and hardly representative of the people who dominated and ran the campaign.

i find it funny that the "obama messiah" joke i heard so often in the campaign office as a way to make fun of the stupidity of rightwingers, seems to be actually believed over on this side of the fence.
#3 Cletus 18-Dec-2008
Ahahaha that moron calls Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs a white supremacists.

Last time I checked, White Supremacists didn't allow Jews to be members of their groups.
#4 captainfish 18-Dec-2008
[i]"Who are the far-right hate-mongers feeding their vile poison to those with a weak enough character as to hate irrationally president-elect Obama?"[/i]

You know, if I have a hate of something or someone, what really is wrong with that? I hate certain foods. Is that wrong? I hate it when my body hates certain foods that I like to eat. I hate certain movies, is that wrong? Am I a bigot because I have certain feelings toward things and people? Couldn't my feelings be justified?

Granted some other people might not agree with my justifications, but then couldn't that then lead to a discourse and either a change in attitudes by either party or a meeting of the minds?

If everybody got along and everybody loved everything, life would be dull, boring, and listless. There would be no reason to seek adventure, or to push the envelope of learning.

Do I hate certain groups of people? Hate may be a strong word, but sure. Ok. Do I hate people who hate me? Yes. Do I hate people who want to kill me, my country, my way of life? Yes. Do I hate people who hate my friends? Yes.

Do I hate hateful people like the KKK and the Nazis? Or the Germans, Italians and Japanese during WW2? Yes!

Do I hate people who refuse peace? Do I see futility in making peace deals with people who hate peace, thus have resigned myself to either ignoring them or fighting them? Yes.

Am I a far-right wing hate-monger? No. I do not hate people just because of where they were born. I do not hate people because they were not born like me. Nor do I hate just for the sake of hating like other people. The above quote is in of itself hate-speech.

And by the way, why is that author calling Pres-elect Obama irrational? I guess he is an equal-opportunity hater then. He hates the people he is trying to defend but hates as well. eh??

BTW, we never thought Obama was irrational. And we do not hate him either.

#5 John Norton 19-Dec-2008
Yes, they do. You're thinking of the Klan.
#6 LadyPredator 05-May-2009
Sutter is prolly one of the most hateful people on the web. He deal mostly in lies and smears.
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