The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Movie Review

Plain title? Yes. Because it fits the movie I just saw. Plain. Uncreative. Preachy. Human-hating.

Horrible. Sucked. Stunk.

Do not go see the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still. This movie was just plain bad. The only redeeming quality was the sound effects. It didn't even honor the major culture changing moments from the original movie. You know what they were. Well, they were not even in this flop.

Imagine the Matrix's Neo on depressants. That is this movie's version of Klatu.

And, dare I say it? Can I say I hated this movie? Or is that showing my hate-monger side? If you want me to do a full review, then just ask. But, I for one do not even think that this movie deserves a review.


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