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Symbols are Meaningless

Yup, there is absolutely no meaning behind this child's posture (or the look of admiration beaming towards him from behind).

It has absolutely no history or significance at all.

Nope. Meaningless. It definitely doesn't imply that anyone is rooting for Islam or Islamic-related terrorist groups to achieve a "Victory" over any Western powers.

In fact, I'm positively positive that he's not doing this because he's been taught to hate non-Muslims.

That'd be downright silly.

  #Human Shields


#1 captainfish 20-Dec-2008
Now that is racist hate-mongering. You must be a FAR right-wing hate-monger,-er,-er,-er...

You can't say things like the truth about people like that. It hurts their friend's feelings. Islam is peace after all.

Doesn't he look so peaceful?

As the Bible says: "raise up the child in the way he should go" This child is in for a short life.
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