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Protester of the Year, 2009!

I know we're only a mere few hours into the new year, but I think that it's safe to call it for this gentle... woman at such an early date:

A hardline Iranian female student wears a Palestinian scarf [Ed.:—The worst representation I've seen to date, no less] to a rally inside the former U.S. Embassy in Tehran to condemn the Israeli attacks on Gaza January 1, 2009. REUTERS/Raheb Homavandi (IRAN)

Could it be that we're seeing Iran's Frida Kahlo? All the more reason to celebrate.



#1 DMartyr 01-Jan-2009
So THAT'S what a unibrow looks like...

Geez, forget democracy. Send these people some tweezers!
#2 DMartyr 01-Jan-2009
Brian, I was going to post this, but decided not to in case there was a copyright issue...

Check out the Google ad:
#3 Steamboat McGoo 01-Jan-2009
Eew. Skanky.
#4 DMartyr 02-Jan-2009
Now we know why they are forced to wear burkas...
#5 William Teach 02-Jan-2009
I think I may have a winner for the protester of the year:

"Allahu Ack…..aiiiii! It burns, it burns! Get it off of me, Achmed!"
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