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Thanks, But No Thanks

That is pretty much what the world is saying to Israel right now. Israel is doing its best and even going out of its way to limit civilian losses, but the world is saying "No thanks". The world leaders (MSM) all want Israel to stop its attack on Hamas in the Gaza Strip out of some failed belief system that tells them that "peace talks" will work. ... at some point.

Never mind that talking peace has never worked in the history of man.

How far has Israel gone? How much has Israel done beyond what ANY OTHER country is expected to do? How much have they pulled back their military?

The Israeli military called at least some of the houses ahead of time to warn inhabitants of an impending attack. In some cases, it also fired a sound bomb to warn away civilians before flattening the homes with powerful missiles, Palestinians and Israeli defense officials said.

Israel opened its border with Gaza Friday to allow 270 Palestinians with foreign passports to flee, mostly Russian and Georgian women who are married to Gazans.

The US military which has been seen in the last decade by some as castrated doesn't even go to those extremes.

But yet, that is still not good enough for the whiny world leaders and the terrorist-sympathizing press. And even if Israel is in its FULLEST right to protect its duly recognzized nation from terrorist attacks and they follow every known standard of war-making, they will still only hear....

"Thanks, but no thanks."

The little tiny nation of Israel gets the nations of the world riled up against them for its defensive action and yet when Hamas conducts wholly illegal crimes against humanity, that any other nation would convict on, the world could care less. They could care less that Israeli civilians are dying because they are the main targets. Or, could it be BECAUSE Israeli civilians are the target that the world does not care.
[Update:] When the civilians don't care about their own health and safety and even turn down efforts to end the battles sooner, can their deaths be negated when they are killed in the attacks later?

Israeli planes also dropped leaflets east of Gaza giving a confidential phone number and e-mail address for people to report locations of rocket squads. Residents stepped over the leaflets.

It was common practice in WW1 and WW2 to take out wide swaths of housing around military targets. The thinking was that if the civilians were not there to produce the good for the military, then that will doubly cripple the opposing forces military. The deaths were counted but they were counted among the dead as casualties of war and not simple civilian deaths that had to be investigated.

So, if Gaza civilians are actually aiding and abetting Hamas terrorists and keeping quiet the locations of rockets, then they are just casualties of war.

(And as Cletus would say, better to take them out than let them continue to destroy their kids in a death-cult.)

[Update 2:] Who but terrorists would launch mortars and rockets from civilian structures such as UN schools? Need more proof? It is called using civilian humans as shields. The arabs of Palestine are renowned for cowardly using human shields and then blame Israel when civilians are hurt in the cross-fire.

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#1 Donkeyrock 03-Jan-2009
Don't forget the Islam; that's what makes all this Arab hate possible and "justified".
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