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The New Way To War

Fox News, ever diligent to put out the news, sometimes buys its news from non-credible sources.

This story is no different.

Once again we see a story about Israel's reaction to the Hamas terrorist organization's rocket attacks being portrayed as evil Israel attacking simple people it just does not agree with. We even start off with a nice macho picture of one of the leaders of Hamas, Nizar Rayan. Never mind that he is just that, one of the terrorist leaders of a terrorist organization bent on the complete destruction of a Western ally and truly democratic nation.

But then, not wishing to just be seen as pro-Hamas, the CR(ap) goes on to prove how much they are anti-Israel.

Israel is methodically targeting the Hamas domain, bombing government offices, security compounds, commanders, and even Hamas-linked clinics, mosques and money changers. Yet Gaza's Islamic rulers show no sign of buckling under the aerial onslaught.

Israel is methodical in its onslaught while Hamas is being resilient. Think on that for a moment. Think on the tone of these statements for a bit. The CR(ap) wants us to feel sorry for the Hamas terrorist organization yet feel anger towards Israel for defending itself.

Israel says Hamas still has thousands of rockets.

Yeah, cause we really just can't believe a word Israel SAYS.
Hamas TV and radio remain on the air, broadcasting morale-boosting battle reports. Hamas' political and military leaders communicate from hiding places by walkie-talkie. Police patrol streets to prevent price gouging and looting.

"Israel has destroyed the buildings, but Hamas is still here," Ahmed Yousef, a Hamas spokesman, said Thursday, the sixth day of the bombing campaign. "There is no anxiety over the existence of Hamas — even if they destroy all of Gaza — because we are among the people."

Meanwhile, statements from Hamas are taken at face value and almost seem like the reporter is RIGHT THERE with the terrorists. But then, that would not be unusual for the MSM, would it. But, that does not mean we should just accept it.

Hamas' survival will depend on how far Israel is willing to go to obtain its declared objective: crippling the group's ability to fire rockets at Israeli towns and cities.

So, we are now concerned with the survival of the Hamas terrorist organization? Why should anyone care if Hamas survives? We, western freedom-loving nations should concern ourselves with will Hamas be destroyed? Will Israel do enough to destroy Hamas and not just their ability to continue to fire rockets at Israeli civilians.

Now, you think all of this is simple? Or do you think this once again shows how far the MSM has fallen to be bedfellows with terrorists like the Hamas terrorist organization? Well, you haven't read anything yet.

Yet Israel, which withdrew its troops from Gaza in 2005 after a 38-year occupation, also says it does not want to reoccupy the area.

38-YEAR OCCUPATION?!!?!?!? Talk about spewing the terrorist mantra!!! They left in a failed hope to win some peace. Recall the "land for peace" deals that have been brokered over the last few decades? Israel gave that land back to the arabs after it won that land, and much more during its WARS with Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and the area's arabs. They had the leftist ideaology at the time that if we give the enemies what they want at the time, then they will leave us alone. As we see now, that failed. And has failed time and time again.

Also, leaving Gaza allowed Israel to remove its citizens from a dangerous area and allow the arabs to form and control their own area. Would anyone say that the USA occupied Germany? France? Japan? No. So, why is Israel stuck with that mantle when it comes to their conquered lands?

Israel left Gaza and they continue to get attacked. Israel left its northern areas giving some of that land back to Lebanon and yet they continued to get attacked. And yet, it is EVIL Israel that responds in defensive actions. It is evil Zionism that responds to terrorists kidnapping Israeli soldiers and civilians. No one else in the world faces this much criticism. Not even Somalia or Darfur.

Hamas' future also hinges on the conditions of the cease-fire that will eventually be brokered. The group's leaders are demanding that Gaza's borders be opened in exchange for calm; the territory has been largely sealed off by Israel and Egypt since the Hamas takeover.

Can you see the saliva dripping. CR(ap) is eagerly awaiting an eventual cease-fire. They can't wait. They refuse to accept that the Hamas terrorist organization might possibly not exist after this latest skirmish with Israel (Hey, I can hope and dream as much as the writer does).

Here is an idea, how about explain WHY the borders were sealed instead of making it seem poor Hamas is being picked on by countries on both sides. Poor little Hamas is just trying to survive.

But, they still can't get away from the obvious. The Hamas terrorist organization wants its borders fully open so that they can transport weapons, ammo and bombs while claiming peace. They want something in return for peace? They are staring a nation with MASSIVE weapons aimed at it and they are making the demands. Have to hand it to them. They do have guts.

Thus, Israel MUST continue this onslaught or else Hamas, like the Hezballah terrorist organization will declare a victory. They, once again, were able to withstand the Jewish attack. They are victors for just surviving. Israel must go in on the ground. There is no alternative. If Israel stops its attacks within the next week, this whole campaign will be for naught.

And the media? They will continue to bemoan the treatment of the Hamas terrorist organization and what they have lost. Better they lose outright then.

For now, Hamas has proven surprisingly resilient.

Since the offensive began, the group's fighters have fired nearly 400 mortar shells, homemade rockets and Iranian-supplied Grad rockets, according to the Israeli military.

Hamas has thousands more rockets in its arsenal, said Maj. Avital Leibovich, an Israeli army spokeswoman. Most of the weaponry has been smuggled in through some 300 tunnels under the Gaza-Egypt border, including about 300 tons of explosives imported in the last three years, she said.

Israel says. Israel said. Hamas "fighters". While Israel has soldiers and warplanes.

Israel is also hunting Hamas' political and military leaders. On Thursday, a warplane dropped a one-ton bomb on the house of Hamas strongman Nizar Rayan, killing him, his four wives and nine of his 12 children.

Evil Israel sleeking about, hunting those whom it may devour with its evil warplanes. Planes of evil wanton destruction.

One of Hamas' other trump cards is an Israeli soldier, Gilad Schalit, who was captured by Hamas-allied militants in a cross-border raid in 2006.

TRUMP CARD??!?!!? The CR(ap) sees a human life as just another pawn on the game field. But, they give the hand to the Hamas terrorist organization.

Just amazing. The media have redefined what it means to go to war. Doing what is right is wrong while attacking civilians one day at a time is heroic.

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