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And The War Is On...

Israel launched its ground offensive at Noon Central DST.

The media is calling this a massive incursion while saying that it will be a bloody one for Israel. They say this because Hamas has told them so.

They, and Hamas, say that they will also take Israeli soldiers prisoner and hold them hostage.

Now, ignoring the fact that Hamas is a terrorist organization and not due any respectful treatment accorded to official soldiers during a time of war, but if Hamas takes Israeli soldiers hostage and parades them on TV, then I demand that all bets are off for Gaza Strip.

If there are hostages taken and paraded on TV, then it should be time to level Gaza and reclaim it for the security of Israeli civilians.

Updates to follow..

Update 1: UN Security council to meet behind CLOSED DOORS in about an hour (6 pm central) to hammer out a FORCED cease fire without saying anything about Hamas. Calling Israel excessive and indiscriminate.

Update 2: Arabs are up in arms at the UN saying that Israel is not interested in peace and bent on starving and killing the arabs of Gaza. Of course, the UN has always been friendly to Israel. Only US ambassador is calling out Hamas.

Update 3: UN Sec General is calling out Israel and demanding an end to the terrifying violence against Gaza. (balanced??)

Update 4: Fox News host to Israeli ambassador to UN... "Can the UN come to an agreement to bring peace to the area?" Umm.. hello!!?!? There is a battle going on because there will never be peace between terrorists and Jews. Besides, this current meeting is to force another cease-fire upon Israel to allow Hamas to re-arm and rebuild. The other Fox News host is taking UN Sec General's words against the Israeli ambassador. The Israeli ambassador basically said.. SHOVE IT!!

Update 5: UN Sec General demands that Israel allow humanitarian assistance in. Hello you idiot, they already have been. They are even taking in arab sick and wounded. They have allowed in more food and supply trucks than Egypt has. Many of the world food programs are actually telling Israel to slow down the shipments because they have too much as it is. And the UN food rep even admitted that she found no starving people.

As Israel is using pinpoint attacks right now.. how can the area really be a CRISIS?

Fox News reporter on ground stated that he has been with members of the Hamas terrorist organization while they assemble and fire their rockets at Israel. Wonder if he called anyone to tell them of this wholly illegal and anti-human action?

Update 6: Pres Bush is reportedly stated that while Hamas is a terrorist organization, he will promise $85 million to the Palestinian arabs. UGH. Socialism has never worked and will never work when those in power are corrupt, and as in Hamas, terrorists.

Former Amb John Bolton is scolding the Fox News hosts that there is no level of proportionate response when countering terrorism. WOOHOO!!!

Update 7: I think it is funny that TV people in the US are pontificating on what is going on on the ground in Israel and Gaza. People in Los Angeles are talking about what Israel soldiers are going to experience and what they should do.

Update 8: Rusty over at Jawa finds another good reason why Hamas should be extinct.

Update 9: Fox News Host to IDF spokesperson: "Will this ground offensive bring about a long and lasting peace?" OMG!! can you be any more friggin stupid? The only lasting peace Israel is going to get is if they DO retake Gaza and completely force out Hamas. Not to mention the Hezballah terrorist organization.

Another question, "Will you be calling up additional troops?" IDF: "yes, we will be calling up reservists. We are prepared."

Update 10: Allahpundit mirrors my concerns about pulling out of Gaza too soon and allowing Hamas to declare a victory by just waiting Israel out.

He also cites that Israel had 10,000 soldiers on front line before the incursion and has called up 10,000 reservists as well. He also cites some in Israel who want this to be a very decisive victory against Hamas to the point that they are very unable to govern (that means make terror against Israel) any more.

But then they will be left with the mini-terrorists PLO and Fatah.

Update 11: Fox News host: "Could Hamas been a group that Israel could have sit down and talked to?" In other words, is this Israel's fault for not talking to Hamas about their grievances? HELLO!?!? Rockets, Mortars, Suicide bombings, Kidnappings!! And, Israel has tried to talk to Hamas through back-channels, but Hamas only wants to kill Israelis. Can't make peace with that.

Update 12: Hamas is reportedly calling for the Palestinian arabs to rush the border with Egypt and force them in to the battle as well.. or at least force an opening to the border so that they can bring in more weaponry.

Update 13: Gateway Pundit has video of a bloody riot by Hamas supporters (or is that anti-Israeli supporters) in London. Even clashed with police.

THERE were bloody clashes outside the Israeli embassy in London today as protesters threw fireworks, stones, shoes and glass bottles at riot police.

Around 200 police confronted protesters with batons, leaving several wounded, as masked men raced towards the gates of the Israeli embassy carrying Palestinian and Hezbollah flags.

Earlier, thousands of demonstrators - including human rights activist Bianca Jagger and Respect MP George Galloway - marched through the capital, as protests against Israel’s bombardment of Gaza intensified.

So, it is perfectly legal and humane to shoot dozens to hundreds of rockets a day at civilian women and children? But it is only wrong when Israel tries to stop it?

Update 14: This latest skirmishattleincursion into Gaza by Israel is no big deal it seems as Fox News has now turned to the death of John Travolta's son while the family was in the Bahamas.

Update 15: IsraellyCool is following the battle as well. And found an interesting if not disturbing quote from California Gov Arnold Swartzenegger:
“My thoughts are with all of those who face senseless violence and with all Californians who are affected by conflicts throughout the world.”

So, Israel is conducting senseless violence upon Californians in Gaza?

Israellycool also finds quotes from Australia's liberals demanding Australia condemn Israel while giving Hamas a pass.

Hmmm.. a rocket launcher placed within the cemetery of a "refugee camp"? Would that be wrong? nah.

Update 16: Interesting poll found by Israellycool:
Near East Consulting surveyed Palestinian residents of the Gaza Strip in late December, where results found that a full 60 percent of Palestinians there believe Hamas made a mistake by not seeking to renew the ceasefire with Israel.

Which means 40% do support Hamas’ decision. Hardly a small minority. But read on.

Regarding the needs of Palestinian families in the besieged coastal strip, 42 percent surveyed said they are most concerned about food supplies; about 20 percent named electricity as their top concern.

About nine percent said their children’s safety is the most urgent concern, while a full eight percent said “all of the above” were equally complicating their lives.

Update 17: Jerusalem Post reports:
Hamas moves on Fatah 'collaborators'
35 Palestinians killed by Islamists, 75 shot in legs in the past week "to ensure they don't help Israel."

Update 18: Jpost quickie:
Palestinians were throwing explosive devices at IDF soldiers operating in the Jebaliya refugee camp late Saturday night, Israel Radio reported.

If a civilian takes up arms against its "nation's" enemy, they are then a defacto military target. But, you know the UN will call them civilian deaths.

Yep, Fox News has now given up reporting the Gaza battle. They are just giving highlights only a few minutes each half-hour. Too boring for them it seems.

Update 19: Seems Caroline Glick believes that this whole thing is just a PR ploy by the wanna-be leaders of Israel, that being Livni and Barack, to make them look strong for the upcoming elections.

What the media have declined to notice is that the outcome of the war will not be determined by the number of Hamas buildings the IAF destroys. The outcome of this war - like the outcome of all wars - will be determined by one factor only: Which side will achieve the goals it set out for itself at the outset of the conflict and which side will concede its goals?

Depressingly, the current machinations of the Olmert-Livni-Barak government demonstrate that when the fighting is over, Hamas and not Israel will be able to declare that it accomplished its goals.

Here it is important to recall just what Hamas is. Hamas is an illegal terrorist organization and an Iranian proxy that is conducting an illegal terror war against Israel. The EU is arguably committing a war crime by accepting Hamas as a legitimate side to a dispute. In turn, by accepting the EU as a legitimate interlocutor, Israel itself gives credence to the view that Hamas is a legitimate actor.

I couldn't agree more and can't understand why the world doesn't see this truth plainly. But then, maybe they do. Maybe they hate Israel so much that they are willing to lie down with the devil. Thus, they have been over the past half-century.

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#1 busywolf 03-Jan-2009
captain, I'm still up and badder than ever.
You can get Gaza live:
#2 captainfish 03-Jan-2009
Dang man!!
Its 4am there. What are you doing up?

hahhaaha.. that site? I'm a redneck American. I don't speak squiggly line.
hehhee. jk

If you don't get some sleep you will be a cranky-puppy.
#3 busywolf 03-Jan-2009
No kidding, captain. It's Ramattan tv live coverage, no palabras, just video and audio: artillery, explosions, the odd missile. Give it a try. And a rooster who doesn't give a damn about what's going on and goes about his dawn-heralding business.
#4 captainfish 03-Jan-2009
OH,, I see. ooooooo live video

now can watch it myself now that Fox News has gotten bored with people seeking freedom from terror.
#5 captainfish 03-Jan-2009
hahahaha. now I know what you mean by rooster.

Rooster doesn't like the WARplanes flying over. hehhee.

time for some fried chicken.
#6 Anonymous 03-Jan-2009
One thing I can tell you, Gaza is not sleeping tonite. Heh! I hope they like the taste of their own medicine. Did you just hear the call of the muezzin?
Everything they threw at Sderot over the years is coming back to them with a vengeance!
Having said that, I will call it a night. Gotta earn me keep contrary to the general belief that we are getting paid by the Z conspiracy or something.
Over and out.
#7 captainfish 03-Jan-2009
Yep, heard that. Maybe that was what the rooster complaining about.

Saw some nice fire shot.

You can't fool me anonymous. This is BW. And you are actually going to go earn the money FOR the Z-conspiracy in order to fuel the death, destruction and starvation of the rest of the world.

We know who you are now.

I think the microphone got blown out by some of the explosions. sounds like a ruined speaker now.
#8 busywolf 03-Jan-2009
Let me get some sleep, man. It was me and I did sign in, must have been a glitch, 'cause my computer was acting funny - guess it hates the muezzin call!
That was surreal - the sound of allahu akbar while Hamas is getting spanked.
See you!
#9 captainfish 03-Jan-2009
Dude, don't blame me. You are glued to the sounds of terrorists exploding like I am.

ooooooo big boom followed by big fire and smoke. dang rooster is still not happy.
#10 captainfish 03-Jan-2009
I could swear that was Geraldo Rivera doing the singing on those loudspeakers.

Or is he the rooster. kinda hard to tell difference.
#11 Kevin 04-Jan-2009
Tough question: Will the good guys agree to a cease-fire or some crap like that before winning the war like we did in Vietnam time and time again?

Because history tells us that that way leads to continued hamas attacks. Learn from our (and your repeated) mistakes, Israel. Attack hamas until they formally surrender and agree to Israel's right to exist, or continue until there IS no more hamas.

It's the only road to peace. You've got 16 days until Lord Hopenchange destroys any hope for change. Hurry!
#12 captainfish 04-Jan-2009
couldn't agree more Kevin.
Look how disastrous the Lebanon battle was for Israel's safety. That area is now more dangerous.

But I fear, that this is all a PR move done prior to Israel's elections and before The crowning of the US messiah.

But, there is a shining spot. CNN and FOX are no longer covering this battle. FOX was on Business and CNN was covering Caroline Kennedy - with one talkie saying that her election is not about qualifications but about can she be a good candidate.

That sums up the socialist-dems nowadays. No experience necessary. Just as long as you look good making promises.
#13 busywolf 04-Jan-2009
hi captain, Kevin, this is anonymous ;)

Look, I have to agree with you that we sustained unjustified losses during the Lebanon war and never mind why for the time being. But please do not forget that Nasrallah barely leaves his bunker these days. The southern part of Lebanon lies in ruins (which is sad if you ask me, but that was their choice), and barking, braying and bleating on al-manar sums up Nasrallah's operational options for the time being. Nasrallah admitted that kidnapping the soldiers in 2006 was a mistake, as he couldn't imagine that Israel would inflict so much pain on Lebanon, and had he known in advance he would not have started the war on that fateful 12 July 2008 morning.
Please bear in mind that although Hamas is yelling for help, Nasrallah and Syria have graciously declined the offer. Jordan is not a player in the equation, and Mubarak is deeply offended by the insults showered on him by Hamas and Nasrallah. As is, Hamas is on its own, Gaza is getting everything we were prevented from bestowing on Lebanon and Hamas is desperately begging its own civilian population to serve as a human shield.
We are not America, we live in a crowded neighborhood surrounded by thugs. Any painful damage we inflict deters our sworn enemies and makes them think twice before attacking us.
Seeing how our army is acting, I have to admit that the Lebanon lesson has been learned.
But I agree that we have to get things sorted out before O'Bama comes telling us Yes you can.
On the other hand, I remember a few years ago PM Shamir told the US president - take your aid and shove it. So you never know.
#14 captainfish 04-Jan-2009
Hey anon,
Nasrallah may have regretted his actions, but not as much as Israelis regretted pulling out of Lebanon too soon. Or Israeli-backers did.

He may have regretted it, but he was not made to regret it.

Hey, did Ramattan pull their live video?
that link no longer has the video up.

I want to hear that rooster getting blowetup.

The reason Hamas, as is all Pallies, are ignored by the other arab nations is that they hate them as much as Hamas hates Israel. If they loved them like brothers, then there wouldn't be this "palestinian problem". There would be no refugee crisis. Recall Egypt evicted the PLO from their territory and unleashed them upon the world.

So, if Egypt is feeling a little heat right now, good!
#15 busywolf 04-Jan-2009
About Lebanon - we were made to pull out, there was Saniora bursting into tears at the Arab League, the French rooster-sucker cutting his vacation short, the photoshopping, Spain's Zapatero (shoemaker) wearing the keffieh and all that. Besides, Lebanon is an errrr.... independent country.
We had no choice about that, we were taking heavy losses and there was pressure from within as well.

I think the live link changes every day and so far I see the Israeli channel two broadcast. Perhaps ramattan wil be on later, when ch 2 goes off the air. Here's the link:

Mubarak is devastated, his honor trampled. I fear he might have to commit seppuku.
#16 captainfish 04-Jan-2009
"...he might have to commit seppuku. "

hehe.. Hari-Kari for arabs. love it.

But doubt it. Most muslim's honor is bound to killing others and not in inner peace.

Actually, what could possibly happen is that Israel will pull out of Gaza. Hamas calls victory. Few years from now as Israeli gov't gets more liberal, they are attacked on 3 sides by Hamas, Hizballah and Syria.

Israel is forced at that point to respond massively, including wiping out Damascus. That brings in Iran. Israel, along with some western allies, responds or assists. That forces Russia to join in the fight along with China and other Northern Arab nations.

Happy New Year! :)
#17 busywolf 04-Jan-2009
about sebuku - I was only kidding. Funny, when I'm serious you think I'm kidding and viceversa. Never mind.

I don't know about your scenario, it's just as good as any. One thing though, if Israel is to wipe anyone out, either Teheran goes first, or both Teheran and Damascus get to celebrate their wedding in heaven. And I believe we will also provide bridesmaids and best men, guests and entertainers. Maybe even a band if we feel so inclined.
I hope they are paying attention,
'cause I'm not going to say it again.
#18 captainfish 04-Jan-2009
Oh, I knew you were. Either that or its the Time Zone Difference. :)

I'll bring chips! Ok, maybe not bring cause their heaven is not my heaven. Mine is more northward. maybe I'll... AIRmail it.

get it.

Air.. mail.. get.. it?

ok,... never mind.
#19 busywolf 04-Jan-2009
You bring the popcorn, we bring the toaster.
#20 Kevin 04-Jan-2009

Hah! I'm stealing that term from you, busywolf :).

Anyway, it certainly looks like Olmert and Livni are making all the right moves at the moment. Let's hope they keep up the fight until Hamas is shredded, and keep up the P.R. war so that the hippie protesters and terrorist enablers receive no support.

I'm glad to hear an Israeli speak with so much confidence about the outcome of this war. It fills me with hopenchange, but in a [i]good[/i] way.
#21 captainfish 04-Jan-2009
Hey BusyWolf,

What is Livni and Barack saying in the Israeli media? Are they talking tough or are they starting to make some statement like they are looking for feelers?
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