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2008 Weblog Awards: Voting is On!

Snapped Shot has been graciously nominated, and is a finalist in this year's Weblog Awards, hosted by Wizbang's Kevin Aylward. This is our first year in the actual finals, so again, I thank all of you who nominated us for the contest!

You can vote at the links below (sometime today), or alternately, we'll be updating this page with embedded voting widgets, as soon as they're available.

Best Blog Design | Best Photo Blog

We're definitely a long-shot in both categories (our design is pretty snazzy, we think—and we are your source for the scoop on photojournalism, so that counts, right?), but hopefully, the couple of you who read here regularly will support this site for an underdog win!

Snapped Shot also supports a number of other friendly blogs, all of whom are equally deserving of your support.
Best Blog: Hot Air wins this one, hands down.

Best New Blog: Todd over at Winky Dog puts together a very interesting read, each and every day.

Best Individual Blogger: Both The Anchoress and Jules Crittenden are well deserving of this award. There's no way we could pick just one.

Best Humor Blog: Nobody stacks up to the fine folks over at IMAO. Besides, if you don't vote for IMAO, Frank J. will probably end up nuking something!

Best Conservative Blog: I'll be honest—Most of the contestants here are friends of Snapped Shot, so there's no way I'll be able to narrow this down to a meaningful number. LGF (who doesn't support their blogfather?), Ace of Spades (Ace's wit is legendary), Atlas Shrugs (with Pamela Gellar's ongoing excellence in defense of the West), Michelle Malkin (who needs no introduction), and Power Line all make for awesome Conservatives, in my book.

Best Military Blog: Michael Yon, with his direct coverage of many of this year's hottest conflicts, is easily the top of this list—though, for the record, Snapped Shot also supports the good folks at Pat Dollard, Blackfive, and This Ain't Hell.

Best Podcast: Shire Network News, hands down—Though I still recommend listening to my good friends over at Bytes and BS.

Best European Blog: What, no Dissident Frogman? At least No Pasaran! and Siberian Light both made the cut.

Best Middle East Blog: Elder of Ziyon, Israellycool, and Michael J. Totten are all very worthy contenders!

Best Very Large Blog: Patterico's Pontifications, RightWingNews.

Best Large Blog: Fausta's Blog, though JammieWearingFool is awesome, too!

Best Midsize Blog: Israel Matzav, Zomblog.

Best Small Blog: The Pirate's Cove.

My hat is off to all of our friends who made it to the finals this time around!



#1 Lady-Light 05-Jan-2009
Mr. Ledbetter (may I call you Brian?),
Just to inform you that I linked your article "Palestinian Fauxtography" in my blog, Tikkun Olam, here.

Please tell me how one nominates blogs to the Weblog Awards? Congratulations on being a finalist. Keep up the good work!
#2 William Teach 06-Jan-2009
Afternoon, Brian! Thanks for the support. I'm voting for you too. To be honest, I would even if I didn't know you on the web. My goodness, I gotta say, most of the other blogs you are competing against are ugly. Home Design Find is OK, you still kick their butts, though.

Some of them are using themes that have been around that have barely been changed from the default. Oh, well. Good luck, B!
#3 DMartyr 07-Jan-2009
Many of your picks match mine, Brian! (Not all...)

But I did find a flaw in the voting system. Before voting, if you open the same category in multiple browsers, you can vote however many times.
#4 Brian C. Ledbetter 08-Jan-2009

This is our first year as a finalist in the Weblog Awards, but we've tried to participate every year since this blog was founded 2 and a half years ago. Every year, the Awards open up a forum for nominations, and if you get enough of your readers to nominate (or "second" a nomination via a plus button) your blog for a category, you get to be a finalist.

See here for our play-by-play of this year's awards, which still has links to the nomination forums embedded.

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi, and thank you very much for the link! I hope we continue to hear from you as time goes on!

#5 Brian C. Ledbetter 08-Jan-2009
Cap'n Teach,

Glad to hear the design here isn't too shabby—I'm downright proud of HybridRadio's work on it! I think it's a lot "different" than most default blog templates, even if it is something of a minimalist style.

Thanks for hanging out here and being friendly anyway, though. It'd be a lot more boring around here if you didn't drop in and comment every now and then!

#6 Brian C. Ledbetter 08-Jan-2009
DM, are you suggesting that we institute "Chicago Rules" on voting? Quelle [i]shock![/i] I would never stand for that!

#7 William Teach 10-Jan-2009
Minimalist can be good. It's all about readability, which snapped shot is very easy to do.
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