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Pushing Puppetry as News

If I were a wire editor at the Associated Press, I would make it a policy to flag such obvious photo-ops as being fraudulent at face value. It is, after all, the vaunted duty of a modern news agency to bring unbiased facts to the readers, and presenting staged protests like this as being some kind of representation of actual opinion certainly wouldn't seem to count towards that goal.

As an aside, be sure to notice their inferior status, highlighted in bold.

Iranian Jewish school girls and their Muslim teacher attend an anti-Israel demonstration to condemn Israel over air attacks on the Gaza Strip in front of the UN offices in Tehran, on Tuesday Dec. 30, 2008. The children hold up signs calling for 'peace' in English, Hebrew and Persian. (AP Photo/Hasan Sarbakhshian)

The Iranian government offers [Virus warning: Use Chrome on the following links!] three news agencies as representing the official opinion of the Iranian government, so it's not like we actually need the three Western wire services to give us the Iranian point of view.

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#1 captainfish 30-Dec-2008
ummm.... yeah, like young JEWISH kids in the lands of muslims are fully and freely to express their love of Israel. Even if it wasn't IRAN!!!

once again the MSM shows how pro-antiIsrael they really are.
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