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Toto, We Hardly Knew Ye

Once again, it seems that muslims are taking out their vengence on dogs, ever seen as symbols of Western hegemony and decadence.

At least Israel will not take this horrible atrocity laying down this time. However.....

Has anyone heard from PETA on this issue? One would think that a direct assault on dogs through the use of ROCKETS might garner some minor condemnation in the least.

-cheep cheep-

[Update:] If this picture does not pull at your heart-strings and make you angry at the decades-long Palestinian rocket attacks against citizens, then nothing will.

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#1 DMartyr 31-Dec-2008
Muslims should be ashamed.

The West treats their animals better than muslims treat their women and children.

But that just illustrates the stark difference between civilized Israelis and barbaric muslimes.
#2 captainfish 31-Dec-2008
Actually, DMartyr, you got that wrong.

It is precisely because we do not abuse our women and kill almost all 4-legged animals that it is WE who are the barbarians and must be cleansed.


or pay a tax to them. They're ok with either.
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