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A New Fatima?

Do we have the Hamas' version to Hezballah's wailing woman?

Even SnappedShot's own Brian got in the mix at the time? Wonder how much fun we can have again?

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#1 Kevin 30-Dec-2008
I'm pretty sure that's a dude.
#2 Kevin 30-Dec-2008
Did you notice that even though they blew up huge buildings and killed lots of Hamas thugs, their strikes are so surgical that they left the vending machines unscathed!

#3 captainfish 30-Dec-2008


And, you might be right Kevin, as we know muslim men have no qualms dressing like women when it suits them.

(which I heard is all the time, especially if its lingerie)
#4 Sarah 31-Dec-2008
Uhh, yeah, that's really not a woman, pretty sure about that one. I mean, I do have the piece parts for comparison's sake and even the most "handsome" woman really doesn't look like that...person.

Sexually-repressed men do enjoy wearing women's lingerie, it's one of the rare times they get to see it.

Sarah, The Webbiegrrl Writer
#5 captainfish 31-Dec-2008

Can't argue with that!

Besides what woman would be seen in that kind of neighborhood buying a soda??
#6 DMartyr 31-Dec-2008
Captain, who does THIS look like?

#7 captainfish 31-Dec-2008
hahahahahaaa... SHe's either relocated for PR sake, or we have a Jordanian version. This one seems to be wailing about the loss of Saddam.

I'm sorry, but didn't just about the entire world hate him? Well, except America's liberals and very small sect of muslims (according to some, a small sect).

someone needs to photoshop her standing in front of a Starbucks menu board... or something similarly distasteful.
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