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But Who's Counting, Anyway?

The disgusting meme that Israel is wantonly striking civilian targets in the Gaza Strip?

As bunk as you would expect it to be. Via the All-Knowing Elder, who truly is all-knowing:

According to a report in Firas Press, quoting the "Conscience Foundation for Human Rights" in the Gaza Strip, so far there have been 368 deaths. Of those, 36 have been children and 9 women.


Half of Gazans are 17 or under. The remaining half would in turn be roughly 50% female.

If Israel was indiscriminately firing at Gaza, one would expect 184 children and 92 women to be dead.

For children to be less than 10% of those killed, and adult women roughly 2.5%, indicates a very impressive rate of avoiding civilian casualties. Without knowing how many civilian men have been killed it is hard to know for certain, but these numbers indicate that Israel is doing as much as any nation in wartime has ever done to avoid civilian casualties.



#1 Kevin 31-Dec-2008
Is anyone willing to admit that the women and children might be terrorists or terrorist enablers? I know it sounds harsh, but they DO blow themselves up from time to time for islam...
#2 captainfish 31-Dec-2008
nah.. those are just men dressed as women in order to try and flee back to safety, but then screw it up really good and blow up any way.


Yeah, I know. You are right. There have been female bombers in every nation that you find peaceful, humanity loving Islam.
#3 captainfish 31-Dec-2008
Forgot to add...

You are right Brian, I mean Elder. Anyone even the slightest knowledgeable in statistics, or even if they can count on their fingers, can tell that women and children are HUGELY disproportionately small compared to the overall population there.

DrudgeReport had a video from The Jerusalem Post of another IDF attack on Rocket sites... after the boom, very clearly can see that the terrorists was blown cleanly in half.
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