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Snapped Shot Remembers 2008

The AP's legal department.
What a year it's been! Things started out normal for us here at Snapped Shot, but quickly turned interesting—in the Chinese curse sort of way—towards March, when we were accosted by the Associated Press. As such, the blog has been doing quite a bit of adjusting over the year, and is definitely a totally different animal now than we were one year ago.

Which is hopefully a good thing. I think the jury's still out on that one.

Anyway, I'd like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for continuing to stop by and check out this silly little website. It is truly a pleasure to interact with those of you who write back to us, and it's an honor to spend yet another year bringing something approximately between entertainment and news to your computer screen time and time again. Almost reliably, even!

Enough of the sappy stuff:—Here's a rundown of the stories that you, the reader thought were the best this year. Which means that I think they're the best, too, because as everyone knows—The Customer Is Always Right!

#1: BWAHAHAHA: More Iranian FauxREALtography (79,095 views)
Iran tried to prove to the world how tough it is, but ended up failing. When they tried to cover their tracks in Photoshop, it was quickly spotted by an eagle-eyed LGF reader, but that's not nearly retribution enough, now is it? The Internet, as usual, had a most excellent response to this thugocratic photo-fakery, and I did my best to document it here.
#2: Professional Protester, Jihadi-Style (27,145 views)
Our staged protest exposé from 2007 continued to be a big draw this year, and we can't thank you for stopping by enough!

#3: Palestinian Fauxtography? (11,230 views)
Even though it was disproven in due time, one cannot possibly be cautious enough about questioning the veracity of news stories originating from the Palestinian territories.

#4: The Rushdie Saga: Day 2 (10,663 views)

#5: What Liberal Media? (10,613 views)

#6: Snapped Shot: Pwned by the Associated Press (9,347+ views)

#7: Police Protection for Provocative Pulpit (8,391 views)

#8: North Korea Photo Fakery? (8,120 views)

#9: AP Caught Red Handed? (7,931 views)

#10: Happy Valentine's Day! (7,731 views)



#1 captainfish 31-Dec-2008
Obama was right after all?!?!!?

We should just bomb Pakistan because they hate Valentine's Day.

Who'da thunkit you'd get that many page visits in a year, let alone per post???

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