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It's What Terrorists Do

For all of you out there who keep complaining about Israel's "unjust" retaliation on the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, here's a little treat—The IDF identified a Mosque (you know, a civilian, non-combative institution, right?) that was being used by Hamas to store Russian-manufactured Grad rockets that they planned on launching into Israel.

Of course, this violates all kinds of international ethics and standards, which have been drafted over the past 200 years to minimize civilian casualties. But does that stop Hamas in the least? Heck no, it doesn't.

So, alas, since we in the West are apparently too chicken to do anything at all about Hamas' continued use of civilians as shields for their military, the IDF gets to clean that crap up. On New Year's Eve, no less:

Unfortunately for us, most of the international socialist left, who are currently parading around the streets in utter angst, remain utterly ignorant to such simple points.

And thusly, the world will continue to burn.

Quite the Happy New Year's, indeed.



#1 captainfish 31-Dec-2008
I smell Bacon burning.....
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