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Oh Yeah, And There's The Other Flag, Too...

Thanks for noticing the most obvious flag in this picture, Reuters...

Caption reads:

A Lebanese child shouts slogans near a Venezuela's flag during a protest organized by a leftist group in front of the Egyptian embassy in Beirut, against Israel's attacks on Gaza January 7, 2009. The Arabic writing on the Venezuelan flag reads, "Arab Republic of Venezuela".

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#1 Brian C. Ledbetter 07-Jan-2009
I saw that photo earlier, and I'm intrigued by TWO things:

(1) The Israeli flag is not on fire. That's different.

(2) The "Arab" Republic of Venezuela? What in the world does [i]that[/i] mean?

#2 captainfish 07-Jan-2009
2) Cause they are the little brother of Iran.
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