The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Brazil: Land of 1,000 Beaches (and TERRORISTS!)

One doesn't usually associate Hezbullah with South American countries, but then again, one forgets that South American countries have been ruled by mostly-communist regimes for about a decade now.

Axis of evil, anyone?



#1 captainfish 07-Jan-2009
there are nut jobs everywhere.

speaking of which,, that photo just looks so wrong in a sexual perversion way.

Isn't homosexuality one of the deadly sins in Islam?

There was even a CAIR news even reported on OK television citing how the US government's tax funds are being used to attack poor innocent civlians in Palestine by the evil jewish regine of Israel.

hmmm, but don't we also fund the poor innocent civilian Hamas regime? How many billions have we sent to them over the years?
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