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Supporting our Friends at CAMERA (and beyond)

Do you have a little bit of that extra Christmas Cash laying around your house collecting dust? Are you looking to support a good cause, or perhaps to have a random room in a nondescript building named in your honor?

Have I got the solution for you!

Our fine friends over at CAMERA are doing a bang-up job of covering the media inaccuracies during this latest Palestinian-instigated conflict. And, by the accounts I've heard from within, they're getting hit pretty hard with wall-to-wall information, and could use a bit of extra help right now.

If you want to support an organization that helps to ensure that the media covers issues surrounding Israel fairly, then please consider donating to CAMERA here. They can really put every cent to good use—and all donations will go towards actively adding to the "Corrections" page of many a newspaper.

Who doesn't like causing editorial desks some added grief?

Also deserving of your support is Aussie Dave, whose on-the-ground reports have been declared to "Greatly Exceed the Recommended Daily Amount of Irony" by the U.S. FDA; Carl in Jerusalem (hit the "Donate" button on the right), who also works tirelessly to bring the truth of the situation on the ground (i.e., the Matzav) to light; and the ever-nefarious Elder of Ziyon, whose video productions have reportedly caused Hassan Nasrallah's blood pressure to reach "near-boiling" levels.

Help these kind people help you. Get past the disinformation being fed to you by the left-stream media.

Somewhere, a puppy will smile.

That, I can promise you.



#1 Elder of Ziyon 05-Jan-2009
Thanks for asking people to support me, but I am not asking for any money!

A vote in the Weblog Awards would be appreciated, though!
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