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CAMERA Searches for Lost Hamas Fighters

Wherever Hamas might be, once again our self-proclaimed "independent observers" in the press that are on the ground in the Gaza Strip can't seem to find them. If I might quote CAMERA Snapshots (no relation) completely on this one:

There are some 15,000 Hamas fighters and far fewer Israeli soldiers fighting in the Gaza Strip (the number is not published), so why do two major photo services have countless photos of Israeli soldiers and virtually none of Hamas fighters?

A search of Reuters and Associated Press photo services from Dec. 27 through today using the keywords "Gaza militant" and "Gaza fighter" turned up almost no pictures of Hamas fighters. The exceptions? Three photos from Reuters -- an injured Palestinian fighter brought to Soroka Hospital in Israel for treatment (Jan. 5); relatives mourning over the body of slain fighter Mohammed Abu Shair (Jan. 5); and a wounded Palestinian policeman (Dec. 27).

In contrast, here were plenty of pictures of Israeli soldiers, Palestinian casualties, statesmen and diplomats, destruction in Gaza, and other related topics -- but almost nothing on Hamas fighters.

This seems to be a repeat of the 2006 Lebanon war after which searches of the major photo services turned up not one picture of Hezbollah fighters (except at funerals) for the whole 34-day war.

Israel is not battling a ghost enemy. Nor is it battling Gaza's civilian population, whose casualties show up in countless pictures. Which is just how Hamas likes it.

The best guess I can come up with for the "missing" fighters is that the wire stringers in this particular conflict understand that they have a high probability of becoming a part of the casualties. I'm sure that most of them imagine that it'd be as a result of Israeli airstrikes, but as the Elder has explained, in most cases it is the secondary explosions from the detonation of the Hamas weapons stores that are most likely responsible for the expedited militant deaths.

Any wire stringers care to explain why they can't seem to find the courage to embed themselves with the brave Hamas warriors this time around? Y'all don't seem to mind being around when Hamas is grandstanding and otherwise making plans to kill the Jews.

Why not stick around to document what it looks like when they actually try to carry out their evil plans?

(Incidentally, it's stories like this that once again show how worthy of your support CAMERA is.)



#1 Steve 06-Jan-2009
Im sick of hearing about israels killing of innocent people, Once would think israel was going door to door and shooting women and children in the head. Im sure some women and children were killed this is a war and it will happen... One fact that everyone keeps forgetting is that arabs are the ones that strap bomd vests on women and children. Once you do that you can no longer use the words inncoment women and children in the same sentence.
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