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Signs I'd Love to See at a Peace Rally

Over the past 11 days or so, we've seen massive international rallies against Israel, condemning the Jewish State for having the audacity to defend itself from terrorist attack. These protests consisted of an odd alignment of traditionally-inflamed fragments of the proverbial Islamic "street" (Iran, Hezbullah, Jamaat-e-Islami) and anti-Western leftist elements (read: Socialists) living in Western nations, who can never seem to find anything about Muslim terror that offends them.

One understands that the muslim Rage industry will always burn strong, offended at whatever happens to be all the rage this week. But the Left, on the other hand, is being disingenuous beyond belief—Claiming to champion human rights on one hand, and completely ignoring blatant human rights abuses committed by terrorists on the other.

So it goes without saying that if the misled buffoons of the worldwide Left were honest about seeking peace in the Middle East, we'd see a slight difference in the editorial content of your average brainless peace rally. Something more... like this:

Click for print-ready PDF.

I'll be adding signs below the fold as quickly as my Zionist mind can conceive them, so be sure to check back here later and see if there are more to play with. All signs are linked to a (supposedly) print-ready Adobe Acrobat file, but since I'm not a professional protester, I can't be sure that they'll work for you. But hey, that's the price I pay for being gainfully employed, unlike the idle leftist hands of the world.
Because burning "Israel" is a hate crime, too!
(Click for PDF)

Seems simple enough.
(Click for PDF)

(Click for PDF)

The signs might look a bit craptastic up close and personal, but if any wire service photographers happen to snap a picture of them, it should come across crystal clear. This comes from the voice of experience: I can't even begin to count how many thousands of low-quality photos I've seen taped on to protest signs the world over.

It also goes without saying that if any of you have ideas for signs you'd like to see, shoot me a note. Be sure to see if you can find a nice photo to accompany your text over at Daylife—But please, no entries from the Associated Press. ;)



#1 Snoop-Diggity-DANG-Dawg 06-Jan-2009
Astounded there are no comments to date on your awesome un-poster. I'm passing this around as vigorously as a masturbating 13 year-old, but perhaps to no avail.

Thank you nonetheless, and G-d bless you. May the truth ring forth evermore.
#2 Puneet Madaan 07-Jan-2009
here are images of childrens indoctrinated for Jihad...

will love to see a banner, which says

Want peace ? stop indoctrinating childrens for JIHAD
#3 captainfish 14-Jan-2009
sympathy comment.


Sorry, must have missed this one. hehee. Oh sue me. I was sick that week.
#4 Steven 16-Jan-2009
How about we start by making a web-version of these images, in the form of banner ads etc?

They can link to a page on your site and on that page - you can slowly add more and even include downloadable PDF's to print?

Email me!

- Steven
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