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When Facts Don't Matter (like always)

Since when has facts mattered to the left of this world? Since when has truth mattered to those with a leftist or socialist agenda?

Case in point, Mr Perry Mason! errr.. I mean case in point Israel.

The world's leaders (i.e. mainstream media liberals) are up in arms that Israel launched a mortar shell that ended up killing about 30 Palestinians in an area around Gaza City. Those are the basic facts of the case. But, recall from your teacher from last class that context matters. Right?

But, there appears to be more facts to this case. And the media provides the information willingly. But, like a good liberal, it eagerly ignores those same facts. A good liberal media never lets facts get in the way of a good story (i.e. ideology).

Fact 1:

France and Egypt announced an initiative to stop the fighting in Gaza late Tuesday, hours after Israeli mortar shells exploded near a U.N. school sheltering hundreds of people displaced by the onslaught on Hamas militants.

Israel did not attack the U.N. school as you can read. Their mortar shell happened to land NEAR a U.N. school that was "sheltering" displaced people. Wait, how can they be displaced and still be in the same city? Or, are these people who fled other parts of Gaza TOWARDS Gaza City for some purpose?

Click for more facts:
Fact 2:
Israel's military said its shelling at the school — the deadliest single episode since Israeli ground forces invaded Gaza on Saturday after a week of air bombardment — was a response to mortar fire from within the school and said Hamas militants were using civilians as cover.

So, there was "militant" mortar fire from within the school grounds, but Israel still felt best to fire its shells near the school. Maybe they were hoping to scare the terrorists away from the school in order to try and protect the "civilians" hold up there? So, now we are grading "deadliest days" after only 4 days of ground fighting? And, once again there is that silly fact that can't be escaped that the Hamas terrorist organization using ITS OWN civilians as human shields. But, far be it for the liberal media to let those facts get in the way of blaming Israel for everything.

Fact 3:
Two residents of the area who spoke with The Associated Press by telephone said they saw a small group of militants firing mortar rounds from a street near the school, where 350 people had gathered to get away from the shelling.

So, now there is on the ground eyewitness account, make that two eyewitness accounts, that there was indeed mortar fire from the school. Again, why let facts get in the way of placing blame of the deaths of human shields, or maybe even civilian accomplices, upon Israel? It would never be the evil immoral human life-hating terrorists, now would it?

So, there was 350 people hiding in this school. If they were hiding, then what were people doing "around" the school then and not hiding inside it? If these people were in deed fleeing the war, and "sheltering" inside the school, then why were they strolling around nearby the school?

And, can you blame Israel for the deaths of civilians who were supposedly fleeing the battle who just happened to be at a school that was being used by those same militants that they were fleeing from, only to not then flee again?

Fact 4:
U.N. officials demanded an investigation of the shelling. The carnage, which included 55 wounded, added to a surging civilian toll and drew mounting international pressure for Israel to end the offensive against Hamas.

UN wants an investigation of an imprecise mortar shelling during a heated battle. Sure. You go right ahead and walk right out there and tell people to come out and talk to you. Do you not have enough facts listed in this article by your buddies already? Far be it for facts to get in the way of your investigations.

So, now we have 55 wounded plus the additional 30 that were supposedly killed. That is 85 people in that one area all hanging around NEAR this school. That is an awful lot of people to be in that area, right? I love it.. ... "surging civilian toll". Listen, if they want to see surging civilian toll then just ask Israel to carpet bomb Gaza with their 1-ton bombs. Then you will see a proper toll. But, as Israel is a moral and just society, they care about human life. They care about the lives of Gazans even if the terrorist organization Hamas does not. But, who cares about facts when you are in the habit of blaming Israel for everything.

Fact 5:
Earlier at the U.N., Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called the Israeli bombardment of the group's facilities in Gaza "totally unacceptable." Israel's shells have fallen around three schools, including the girls school hit Tuesday, and a health center for Palestinian refugees.

Ban added that it was "equally unacceptable" for militants to take actions that endanger Palestinian civilians.

Yeah, not like the UN has ever sided with one side or anything. Not like the UN has ever worked AGAINST Israel or anything. How many resolutions against Israel has the UN passed over the years? But, that doesn't matter. They can just rebuild with all that free cash the UN has.

Once again, there is another nasty fact. Israeli shells have fallen "around" three schools. Has anyone provided proof that actual schools were actually hit by actual Israeli shells? And, oh by the way, how is it unacceptable to respond to terrorist attacks? Even if those conducting the attacks are taking refuge behind their own civilian population who seem to be helping to hide those terrorists, is it still unacceptable to stop them?

Ban: "Oh, by the way, I also think it might be a bad thing that these angry people endanger Palestinian civilians."

HEY BAN-THE-MOON. SHUDDUP!!! If you can't blame these terrorists for putting ISRAELI civilians at risk, then you CAN NOT make such a statement about them harming their own people. But, that doesn't matter. Why let facts get in the way of your blame-Israel mentality.

Fact 6:
Some 15,000 Palestinians have packed the U.N.'s 23 Gaza schools because their homes were destroyed or to flee the violence. The U.N. provided the Israeli military with GPS coordinates for all of them.

So, that means over 650 people, on average, are packed into each one of those 23 UN schools. Wow. those must be some large schools? Guess they are not teaching education at those schools as most Gazans only want to kill, kill, and kill some more. Again, we find that these people are at these "schools" in order to flee the violence.

Question: would you go to a UN school in order to seek safety from air attacks in your city? Or would you leave the city? And, are there really 23 UN schools in Gaza City alone? Wouldn't you run for the hills if your city was under attack, or at the least your bomb shelter? Why mill about outside of a school that is the site of continuing terrorist activity?

And, again, the facts keep coming. The UN provided Israel with the GPS coordinates of all its schools, thus helping Israel to avoid those schools. You know the terrorists know this as well. You know that the terrorists, who have no qualms with firing rockets from homes, schools and mosques, who have no problems with storing ammo and rockets in their schools and mosques or their own homes, would use that bit of information in order to try and gain an upper hand over Israel.

And, you have to know that the UN knows this as well as the UN has to have had people at these schools during this crisis, right? I mean, they would not leave these people all alone at these schools without some UN supervision. The UN does not believe that these Palestinians can do anything without UN's help and guidance.

So, let's put these facts together.

Israel did not shell any UN school. They landed their shells around and near 3 out of the 23 schools. There were mortars being launched by hamas terrorists nearby the compound of this particular school who, more than likely, was manned by UN personnel. Those 85 Palestinians who were killed and injured standing around outside the schools shelter felt no problem doing so whilst the terrorists were launching their mortars. And, most likely, these terrorists knew that the UN gave Israel the GPS coordinates of these UN schools so that Israel would be inclined to avoid hitting those schools at all costs.

But, far be it that these facts get in the way of blaming Israel for the deaths of terrorists and their civilian accomplices.

Go-away Talking Point: Is a person in civilian clothes still a civilian if he picks up a rock and throws it at an advancing military? Are they still civilian deaths when non-uniformed people, when standing around cheering while terrorists launch their mortars, are killed in a responding air strike?

[UPDATE:] From al-Reuters comes this news:

The Israeli army accused Hamas of using civilians as "human shields" and said its troops had fired mortars at the premises after gunmen mortared their positions from inside al-Fakhora school in Jabalya refugee camp.

Citing intelligence reports, it named two men it said were Islamist gunmen killed in the attack.

So, this school, which you recall was a UN school, was located in the Jabalya "refugee" camp. I am sure you all know by now that these camps are seeds for Hamas and viral Israel hatred. Which makes my previous comments even more potent. If you are fleeing a battle in your area, are you going to flee TO a UN run school in a refugee camp?

This report states that the firing came from within the grounds of the school, but yet Israel still did NOT shoot and destroy the school itself. So, in my opinion, there is no controversy here.

People cut down by shrapnel lay in pools of blood in the street. Witnesses said two shells exploded outside the school, killing at least 42 civilians and wounding dozens among people who had taken refuge there and residents of nearby buildings.

So, we are now at 42 killed with at least 2 of those being known terrorists. So, if you are hanging around "outside" a school in a anti-Israel refugee camp while terrorists are shooting rounds off at Israel, are you really a civilian?

[UPDATE 2:] Seems Brian found another damning factoid that the MSM would just love to ignore.

A missile launcher and a number of anti tank missiles were discovered hidden in a Palestinian school yard in Sajalya, northern Gaza Strip, during an IDF operation against terror threats. The IDF force returned fire at an armed Palestinian gunman who opened fire at the soldiers and identified hitting him.

Is this the same school yard? Sajalya vs Jabalya. Or are these really different schools that just happen to have something in common... Hamas terrorists storing and shooting weaponry.

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#1 DMartyr 07-Jan-2009
There are some reports that the deathly explosions may have been secondary explosions from stored munitions.
#2 DMartyr 07-Jan-2009
"Deadly explosions", rather...
#3 captainfish 07-Jan-2009
I don't know DMartyr.

Seems that the on-scene AP photographer with his many years of military forensic experience and training said that there were 5 shells that landed in the area and that they were definitely from Israeli shelling.

He sounded positive.

I would be inclined to believe anything the most credible AP stringers believe.

(WOW, that was some good acid)
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