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Israel And Hamas

(Hat Tip: Avid Editor's Insights)



#1 captainfish 07-Jan-2009
Very good video.
Except, they have waivered already.
They seem to be seriously considering a cease-fire from France and Egypt.

Seems the agreement will be between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and not Hamas.

once again, Israel's leftist government sides with the wishes of the world's liberals instead of its own citizens. IDF should have come out fighting in the PR war and not just in defensive mode.

This video is good but still a bit defensive. They need to come out directly and say, Listen, you leaders failed to criticize hamas for attacking Israeli civilians, and now you criticize us for attacking terrorists? What side are you on? Are you really saying you prefer terrorists over Isreal? If so, then we refuse to listen to you terrorist supporters.

They have got to throw it in their faces.
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