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Qana Redux: 2009

From a post over at LGF, citing the site IsraellyCool. I would link directly to IsraellyCool, but I could not find his posting of this evidence.

Here are the two images:

A Palestinian carries a child into the Shifa hospital in Gaza City...

A Palestinian father carries his wounded baby daughter into a hospital in Gaza City...

Beyond the obvious aspect that two separate men are carrying this child INTO this hospital in front of the throng of cameramen, I ask you to look at the child herself.

- The child is not crying.

- First photo actually has her dressed up. Second photo now has her naked. Isn't that against Islamic law or something for a strange man to see a naked girl?

- Second photo has her playing with her hands. She is also seen already wearing a surgical IV tube.

- Note all the extensive burns that have started to heal already. A baby with that extensive burns would be either crying her eyes out or unconscious.

- Is that child really wearing 4 layers of coats? Tan, over Orange, over Pink, over Green. Oh, second photo also shows a light blue shirt.

- For a baby to have such extensive burns on her abdomen and legs, but then not have them on her arms or hands and fingers?

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#1 Anon 1:50 07-Jan-2009
Fauxtography? From the MSM?

Staged shots of poor, injured children?

Done in support of terrorists?


Couldn't happen!

[sarc off]
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