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Your Pro-Terrorist Video Of The Day

How far does Reuters go to show their support of terrorists?
This far....

"The town of Rafa in southern Gaza is under attack. ... Israeli offensive. ... Hundreds of tunnels is thought to run under Rafa underground into Egypt."

But then al-Reuters goes on to describe how the Palestinians use those tunnels from smuggling food to weapons.

"How much success the attacks [bunker buster bombings] are having isn't clear, but Israel's Defense minister says he has no intention of stopping the offensive."

She then airs an interpreted statement of Israel's Defense Minister, Ehud Barak. Declaring that the mission is still on going and will continue while also seeking diplomatic alternatives.

Right after that, she then emphatically claims that:

"Everyday, the number of Palestinian deaths is increasing."

She then passionately tells the story of a mother and her 4 kids injured during one such alleged attack. (See, I can play that game too). The reporter then stated that "medics said" that 18 "Palestinian government" and 3 civilians were killed in latest attacks. Take note of that label. GOVERNMENT. They aren't terrorists. They are just your normal everyday government workers. (ok, no snide remarks about how we all would like to take out a government worker some days). Well, if we use that ration, of 18 - 1, that means out of 700 deaths, only 38 have been civilian while the rest have been "government" workers.

And then to top it off, al-Reuters then proceeds to show pro-Hamas propaganda video of how to kill an Israeli soldier. The video that is shown is obviously taken by a member of the Hamas murdering terrorist organization as he was using his sniper rifle to shoot an Israeli soldier.

You have to watch it. Reporter claims to not know what happens to the soldier, but it is clear. It is clear that al-Reuter has sold its soul to the terrorists. To finish off her report, the reporter states...

"In between Israeli assaults, Hamas also fired two more rockets in to Southern Israel. No one was hurt. But international calls for a cease-fire continued to be ignored. By both sides."

Yeah, we can tell who you are REUTER-ing for.

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