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We Must Believe Media. Right?

If we are to believe the media in this Gaza offensive by Isreal, then there is a vast majority of children killed in this battle. How?

Image here, the caption follows:

Israeli left-wing activists protest against the ongoing military offensive in the Gaza Strip. Israel's war on Hamas in Gaza has now killed more than 1,000 people, as hopes were raised that Hamas may accept a ceasefire to end the offensive in the Palestinian territory. (AFP/Gali Tibbon)

Image here, the caption follows:

An explosion is seen where the Israeli military is bombing an area around alleged smuggling tunnels in Rafah southern Gaza Strip, Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2009. Israel showed no signs of slowing its bruising 19-day offensive against Gaza's Hamas rulers, striking some 60 targets on Wednesday. Israel launched the onslaught on Dec. 27, seeking to punish the Hamas militant group for years of rocket attacks on southern Israel. The offensive has killed more than 940 Palestinians, half of them civilians, according to Palestinian hospital official. (AP Photo/Eyad Baba)

Image here, the caption follows:

A Palestinian child wounded in the Israeli offensive arrives at the Rafah border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. The UN Children's Fund has warned that children caught up in the Israeli offensive in Gaza are bearing the brunt of the crisis, with over 300 killed since December 27. (AFP/Khaled Desouki)

So, if we are to believe CR(ap), then 1,000 "palestinians" have been killed in Israel's offensive onslaught of the innocents. Half of those deaths have been "civilian" with over 300 being children.


Does that sound right to you? I know that there is a larger than average number of kids in this region due to the willingness of young adults to kill themselves off, but, you would think that the kids, and especially their parents would take them AWAY from the war zone. Right? riiiight??

Ok, granted in a normal society they would. But still. Think about this some more. You have 500 terrorists killed, over 300 kids, and only 200 civilian adults (according to the media) that were in an active war zone and ended up dead. In other words, there were almost as many children as terrorists killed while Israel was taking out terrorist targets.

Now, shouldn't these numbers be raising questions by the media as well?

Meanwhile, Hizballah continues to fire their rockets in to Israel and the U.N. terrorist-keepers have even found rockets prepared to launch as well. So, who wants peace?

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