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Israel Found Evidence Of Hamas' Crimes Against Humanity

And, to up the ante, Hamas committed the crimes against its own people. The UN has consistently portrayed that level of war crimes as the worst of the worst. Recall the extreme outrage expressed by the world and the world's media against former Yugoslav President Milosevic?

Yeah, like you will ever see this post's title as a headline in your national media. If so, they would then turn it around on Israel by adding the ever-present (with regard to all things Israel) word, "but".

In other words, "Israel found hard evidence of Hamas' hand at putting civilians at risk, a known component for being charged with crimes against humanity, BUT, Israel has forced Hamas to take such drastic actions in order to provide social services for its citizens."

But, as we are allowed (so far) to present the other side of the story that the media will not show, I present you with what Carl from Jerusalem found.

IDF paratroopers discovered a map of the northern Gaza town of al-Atatra and used it to avoid casualties in the town. Today, the map was shown during an IDF briefing.
The map is handwritten and is based on a bird's-eye view of the town, likely taken from Google Maps. On the map, Hamas split up the town into three different sectors - red, blue and green. On the map, Hamas highlighted several important sites such as mosques, a gas station and a fuel depot.

"Inside the map, the terrorists also marked sniper positions, as well as the location of roadside bombs, anti-tank bombs and landmines," Chief Intelligence Officer Brig.-Gen. Yuval Halamish said Thursday.

Halamish said that the map showed how Hamas does not hesitate to use civilian infrastructure for its terrorist activity. On the map, a brown dot is marked next to a mosque representing a nearby sniper position.

"This is a civilian area and you can see on the map how Hamas booby-trapped the entrance to homes in order to hit the IDF," Halamish said. In another case, a large explosive device was marked on the map next to a gas station. Had it been detonated it would have likely destroyed the gas station as well, killing and wounding civilians who live in the area.

In another case, Halamish said that soldiers discovered a mannequin dressed like a soldier at the entrance to a home. Had soldiers entered the home, the mannequin would have exploded, collapsing the floor and causing the troops to fall into a tunnel where they would have been abducted by Hamas operatives.

Recall this picture?

Also, "kidnap tunnels(tm)" has been found by soldiers moving through the area.

So, this blog along with hundreds of others across this world have found proof after proof that Hamas, terrorist organization it is said, is committing, and has committed war crimes time and time again. And yet, the world expect, nay demands, that Israel sit down with them like they are an honorable representative of a nation.

The UN demands that a binding agreement be signed between Israel and a terrorist organization. Even the US is pushing for talks, with rumors of Obama being pushed to sit down with direct talks with Hamas.

And, it seems that Israel is getting really heavy pressure to accept an agreement of peace with terrorists who want them dead and won't stop attacking. A pure example of liberal lunacy from people who take freedom for granted.

"Peace will be made in the region, not in New York, but actions in New York can support the search for peace in the region," a senior British official said,

Yet, while the liberal leaders of Israel are wringing their hands in worry and trying to find a way out, Israel's UN representatives seem to have their heads on [strike]straight[/strike] right.

Israeli officials in New York, meanwhile, maintained their opposition to any Security Council action that would put Hamas on the same footing with Israel.

Israel, as a member state, would be legally bound by any resolution in a way that Hamas, operating outside the control of the PA and listed as a terrorist organization by the US and Israel, would not - an asymmetry not typically seen in conflicts involving Security Council consideration.

"This is why Israel said it did not want a [Security Council] meeting from the beginning," said Israeli mission spokeswoman Mirit Cohen. "They're not part of the UN and you can't compare between a member state and a terrorist organization."

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gabriela Shalev told The Jerusalem Post this week that negotiations should take place in the region, while her predecessor, Danny Gillerman, told reporters in a conference call that the UN "should not play any role" in resolving the crisis.

... and yet Israel is meeting in Cairo right now seeking how to make peace and cease-fire deals with terrorists. Isn't it a mantra that we don't make deals with terrorists? Or is that passe' now?

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