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My NEW Catch Phrase of the Year

Israellycool, quoting Ynet News who quoted Israel's lame duck Olmert who quoted .. .... ... wait, where was I?

Oh. I have found my new catch phrase.

“The rocket attacks this morning on the residents of the south only prove that the UN’s resolution is not practical and will not be upheld by the Palestinian murder organizations… Israel has never allowed any outside source to determine its right to defend its citizens. The IDF will continue to act to defend the citizens of Israel and carry out the missions laid before it in the operation”.

Ignoring for the moment his statement that "Israel has never allowed any outside source to determine its right to defend its citizens", I love the new catch phrase of "The Palestinian Murder Organizations". Does that not completely fit the various Palestinian terrorist organizations as a whole?

Now, back to his other statement. Didn't Israel allow the UN to stop its battle in Lebanon back in 2006? Haven't they allowed teh UN to prevent its use of force when responding to kidnappings and air-based attacks over its entire border? Haven't they NOT launched maneuvers due to US pressure?

Alas, I fear that once again, Israel will allow the UN to dictate its defensive actions. Israel will withdraw from Gaza even while Hamas continues it rocket attacks. Israel will make some futile argument to its citizens that they succeeded in their minor objectives while allowing the UN to fulfill their other security-based objectives. It will take over a year or more before "monitors" are moved in to the area and will be wholly inept and unable to do anything other than suck off the American taxpayer's dime.

Meanwhile, rockets will continue to rain down on Israel.

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