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Coming Soon To A Town Near You

(Hat Tip to Avid Editor and Pictures courtesy of Atlas Shrugs)

Ahh, diversity and multiculturalism...

The religion of peace celebrating its kindness, intolerance, and love. The next time someone tells you Muslims don't care for their children like the filthy kuffar does, remember these beautiful images:

More pictures below the fold. [CONTENT WARNING: Pictures of graphic diversity and culture follow. Not for the squeamish! –Ed.]
If they do this to their own children, imagine what they'd do to yours...

Pure ecstasy:

How would you like this guy living next door to you?

And they say Islam is a religion, not a cult...

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#1 captainfish 09-Jan-2009
Is that an arrow shot through the baby's neck?

Was that on purpose as part of this blood letting ritual... or as normal people call it.. pagan blood sacrifice to satan.
#2 DMartyr 09-Jan-2009
No, Captain, in that picture I don't think the baby is harmed. The arrow is behind the baby, not through the baby.

(At least I hope...)
#3 DMartyr 09-Jan-2009
My bad - it isn't behind the baby.

It's a fake arrow prop from a battle reenactment.

Click the Atlas Shrugs link for more.
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