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Israel Now Gets Serious?

"When we suspect that a Palestinian fighter is hiding in a house, we shoot it with a missile and then with two tank shells, and then a bulldozer hits the wall. It causes damage but it prevents the loss of life among soldiers."

Better late than never...

You know the media is going to fall heads over heals nutzo over this.

(H/T Carl in Jerusalem, who quotes from Daled Amos)

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#1 DMartyr 09-Jan-2009
I think this tactic is in response the Hamas boobytraps - Hamas sets up militant dummies inside houses. When the IDF storms the house, an explosion collapses the floor into a tunnel where real militants wait to grab any soldier who survive the explosion.

Israel is smart. Why risk your soldiers?
#2 captainfish 09-Jan-2009
OH, I understand. And I completely agree. And I fully agree with the reasons why a nation can not put another non-citizen above that of its own citizens (strong hint to USA liberals who love illegals).

I was just piqued because, for how many decades has Israel just taken it in the pants? How many of its own civilians has died and Israel did nothing about it out of fear what the world would say? How many times did it NOT strike a target out of respect for those who are protecting the terrorists in side? No matter how many Israeli civilians that murdering terrorist had killed?

I for one think they need to send armed transport in with the aid vehicles. Have jewish rabbis hand out the aid. The Pallies will have to come out and get their handouts from a Jew, let alone a rabbi who will say things like GOD bless you. The GOD of Israel forgives you., etc.

And, if they are attacked.. they pull out and a MOAB strikes the village. They move on to next village. Kind of like Klatu trying to find one caring human so as to not wipe out the human race.

or, a more apt analogy would be the angels of the Lord trying to find 5 decent people in a whole city, else they would wipe it out. Guess what happened to that city that did not follow GOD?
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